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Letters to the editor MidWeek Hawaii.

Don Chapman
Column // Five Decades Of Memories At The Stick
It’s rather like the passing of an old friend when a stadium goes away, as anyone who ever attended a game at the old Honolulu...

Don Chapman
Letters // Letter to the Editor – 12/18/13
End-of-life care As a palliative care physician, I would like to respond to Dan Boylan’s column”Time For a Death With Dignity Bill,” published in the...

Don Chapman
Column // A Shark Fishery In Hawaii?
After seeing my column “Reasons For All The Shark Attacks” last week, an anonymous MidWeek reader sent me this email: “Just got back from Maui...

Don Chapman
Letters // Letter to the Editor – 12/11/13
More than a site Obamacare is more than a website. As much as I appreciate Roger Simon’s critique of the Obama administration’s implementation of the...

Don Chapman
Column // Reasons For All The Shark Attacks
State officials say they’re puzzled by the dramatic uptick in shark attacks on humans in Hawaii waters. After averaging about four such attacks per year...

Don Chapman
Letters // Letter to the Editor – 12/04/13
Israel’s humanity Patricia Blair writes that Rand Pellagrino’s comments defending Israel “are most ignorant.” Then she rattles off the usual headlines from anti-Israel publications to...

Don Chapman
Letters // Letter to the Editor – 11/27/13
Embarrassing Thanks to Bob Jones for elaborating on this embarrassment of a police union chief. I had not realized that he made the national news....

Don Chapman
Letters // Letter to the Editor – 11/20/13
Israeli crimes Rand Pelligrino’s comments in his letter “False accusation” are most ignorant on the subject of Israel/Palestine. In 1948 after the unfortunate UN decision...

Don Chapman
Letters // Letter to the Editor – 11/13/13
Balanced view Jane Donahoe’s letter “Israel not Hawaii” in response to a letter from J. Cassen has just the right proportions of balance, tone and...

Don Chapman
Letters // Letter to the Editor – 11/6/13
Captive elephants This is in response to Bob Jones’ column concerning health problems of zoo elephants. Most of Mr. Jones’ comments are correct, though quoting...

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