Letters to the Editor – 9/17/14

Killer mopeds

MidWeek did its readers a disservice by publishing Bob Jones’ column on mopeds. He may enjoy the thrill of riding his moped, but as he himself writes, “Your chance of dying while operating any kind of scooter is 35 percent greater than driving a car” (according to federal statistics).

Is Mr. Jones trying to decrease MidWeek readership?

Lois Price

Better ride

Thank you to Bob Jones for his column on mopeds. As he says, they use little gas, don’t pollute, don’t take up the whole road and are convenient. Hopefully, more people will get “on board” mopeds. But as he says, do wear a helmet.

Steven Leong

ISIS intent

Patrick Buchanan’s column “War Drums Along The Potomac” is absolutely right about the “ISIS threat.” Yes, it is an evil organization doing terrible things, but its intent is to draw America into another war — just as Osama bin Laden lured George W. Bush and his neo-con pals into wars that have done grievous harm to America, our military and our economy. And now some of the same warmongers in D.C. are in a hurry to get into a war with Russia. This is madness that will ruin America.

I voted for Obama, twice, but would vote for impeachment now — except Joe Biden is just as strident as the neocons.

David Wong

Doc and doo

I was appalled at Dr. John Kaya’s column — or at least by the actions of the human owner of the dog Bailey in not picking up the Labrador’s feces when out for a walk. How inconsiderate of other people who have to use that sidewalk!

Also, Dr. Kaya, a dirty public bathroom is no excuse for having your son go shi-shi in the ocean. What if everyone did it?

Lee Johnson

Sports galore

Wow, MidWeek has really upped its sports coverage with the new Sports Animals high school game of the week and Steve Murray’s local sports features — along with Bob Hogue’s always-interesting column. I’ve been a MidWeek fan for a long time, and will continue to be.

Ed Lee

Editor’s note: Plus we offer Yu Shing Ting’s fitness/recreation column On The Move and Ron Mizutani’s column Currents that deals primarily with water sports.

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