Letters to the Editor – 7/30/14

Runaway Neil

Regarding Dan Boylan’s “reviews” of political ads on TV:

While I remember Gov. Abercrombie’s original and novel yellow cab campaign promotion from the 1980s and ’90s, I cannot smile at his latest television commercial. Like many other public school teachers who voted for him in the last election, we were profoundly disappointed to have him “rear end” (or “blindside,” take your pick) all of us during the last teacher contract negotiation. Unlike the wondrous ladies in his campaign ad, in real life I felt more like the victim of a hit-and-run accident, with you-know-who at the wheel. While

Neil Abercrombie may have once stood for change and integrity, and fashioned himself as the “people’s candidate,” his four-year tenure as governor only confirmed one thing: Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Time to take this driver’s keys away.

Matt Nakamura
Hawaii Kai

Israel troubles

As I read Jerry Coffee’s “Gaza: Hamas Wants To Destroy Israel,” I kept thinking that Israel brings many of its problems on itself. By treating Palestinians as second-class citizens who are prisoners in their own neighborhoods, Israel assures new generations of Palestinians will grow up angry and resentful. I’m betting that if Mr. Coffee were a Palestinian who couldn’t buy many of the basics of life because Israel won’t allow essential shipments in, he’d want to bring about the end of Israel too.

Jennifer Chung

Faith vs. facts

I am not a religious person, per se, but I do enjoy Jay Sakashita’s intelligent, reasoned columns on the subject. Last week’s “Religions Vary On ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill'” is a perfect example. He may make people of certain religions uncomfortable, but the truth has a way of making some people uncomfortable.

David Jansen

Lots of care

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed MidWeek‘s 30th anniversary issue, with all of the personal memories of your writers. It’s obvious that a lot of care goes into each issue.

Margaret Lee

Missing Kimo

How fun to read Diana Helfand’s column about dining in Las Vegas. It reminded me how much I enjoyed — and how much I miss — Kimo Akane’s Vegas column.

Annie Matsumoto
Pearl City

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