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Letters to the Editor – 11/19/14

No ballots

One “small” reason for Hawaii’s low voter turnout:

My wife and I have for several years received absentee ballots automatically via USPS. This time, she received her ballot for the primary, but I did not receive mine. I called the elections office and was offered nothing as to sending me a ballot, but the nice person said it didn’t matter because I could still vote in the general election. I got no general election ballot either, although my wife once again received hers.

Since my wife and I are homebound because of her medical condition, which requires 24-hour care, it is quite difficult for me to go to the polls.

Not voting is not an option for me. I really would like to vote.

Capt. William H. Russell, USMCR (Ret.)

True volunteerism

I take umbrage with Lori Chen’s letter, in which she said Susan Page is the rare conservative who engages in volunteerism: “It is my observation that this sort of volunteerism and helping those less fortunate is a rare thing for American conservatives.” How is it she purports to be some sort of expert on observing volunteerism? True volunteerism comes from altruism. I hope she does more than just observe volunteerism.

Dianne Reilly

Wrong on prof

Bob Jones’ criticism of UH Prof. Colin Moore’s political commentary on Hawaii News Now in his column last week begs another point of view.

Jones described Moore coming across as “zombie-like” and as mostly “mouthing opinions” of others. Quite the contrary, in my view — many others felt that Moore was a breath of fresh air, looked good, provided insightful comments and prepped his college students well for the HNN Town Hall meeting. As a matter of fact, his political science students asked some of the best questions during the marathon round of forums and debates that the gubernatorial candidates participated in, and I saw all the televised ones.

At a time when our state continues to struggle with voter apathy, Colin Moore should be commended for engaging our youths to take an active part in our political process, as opposed to being dissed because of one’s personal biases.

C. Lee Ching

Pride, resilience

I appreciated Jerry Coffee’s column, “Touched By Trade Center Memorial.” I have such vivid memories of watching the towers fall on TV, and all that smoke and debris. To hear his description of the new trade center and to see the photo filled me with pride in the resilience of Americans.

Richard Walker