Letters to the Editor – 8/27/14

Not our fight

Jerry Coffee and Susan Page have taken turns advocating military action. They refer to bad things and conclude more fighting is the answer.

Nevertheless, there are patriotic citizens who disagree with their philosophy and interpretation of history, and believe that we are not the world police. Wikipedia currently lists 106 Jihadist organizations (including Hamas and ISIS), which all do dangerous and terrible things. Even Pat Buchanan ended his column: “Finally, why is this our fight?”

American air power has encouraged the Iraqis and Kurds to fight ISIS. American/European sanctions have helped Ukraine.

We supplied the Iron Dome to Israel. I hope all of these interventions continue to be successful.

But many believe that limiting military involvement only when recommended by our active-duty military leadership/security teams and forming international coalitions remains the most judicious policy forward in lessening financial costs and American deaths and injuries.

Jim Wolfe

Elderts riots?

What would happen if Kollin Elderts were black and Hawaii people demonstrated and rioted like in Ferguson, Mo.? A State Department federal agent carries a loaded firearm, goes drinking with friends, then shoots and kills an unarmed person. A trained, experienced agent, per his website, could not handle an unarmed person? Where is the justice? National TV stations and PBS, no coverage? Why?

Bernie Chu
Hawaii Kai

One path only

I did not find amusing the article your paper chose to print on “Women, The Bible and Interpretations.” Sadly, however, I cannot say I was surprised. Your expert on biblical interpretation appears to lack the most essential ingredient for anyone wanting to understand what the Bible has to say. That is a full and unqualified submission to the ultimate author of the Scriptures as the one and only final and authoritative Lord over his or her life. Without that submission and acknowledgement, it is an exercise in utter futility to attempt to understand Scriptures because, in the absolute sovereign will and perfect justice of the one true, living, holy and righteous God, their meaning has been purposely concealed from anyone whose nature it is to attempt usurpation of that authority (e.g., Matt 11:25-27; 13:13-15; 1 Cor 2:6-16). That means anyone who thinks he can approach God on any other basis than the exclusive merits and shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Kimon Nicolaides III
Hawaii Kai

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