Letters to the Editor – 10/22/14

Never give up

What a powerful photo of model Shaholly Ayers on the MidWeek cover. Ms. Ayers is to be commended for never giving in to her handicap or her doubters. And kudos to MidWeek for publishing her story and photos that make us rethink what beauty really is.

Shannon Yuen

Wrong on drugs

Bob Jones may not write silly columns, but he sure makes a habit of writing thoughtless ones. As usual, he uses ad hominem attacks followed by non sequiturs in trying to dismiss Froma Harrop’s sound arguments for drug legalization and regulation.

First, he inexplicably calls her a liberal, then equates her arguments with libertarianism.

Ms. Harrop correctly argues that the war on drugs has completely failed in its attempt to stop drug use and abuse. It has been spectacularly successful in creating a huge prison/legal/police/gang industrial complex, and is more responsible for the militarization of our “protect and serve” police forces than the 9/11 attacks.

Mr. Jones also ignores that Ms. Harrop makes clear that the violence and crime associated with the illegality of drugs creates much more societal harm than drug use itself. He completely misses her point regarding supply and demand for drugs, and conveniently forgets that alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs have been regulated successfully by the government for a long time.

Finally, he assumes that legalization will directly lead to greater drug availability and use, when a plethora of studies have shown exactly the opposite. How about some thoughtful thoughts rather than knee-jerk thoughts for a change?

Michael Parke East

Tough on Ebola

I am writing in response to Jade Moon’s article regarding Ebola. I believe that the government needs to stop letting people into the United States. Anyone entering the U.S. should be under quarantine for 30 days and get a medical paper stating they are clear for travel. Pets can’t even enter Hawaii without quarantine, and it’s worked so far in keeping rabies out. Ebola is not something that should be taken lightly. It went from Mr. Duncan to a nurse. I am sure it will not stop there. We need to protect the people of the United States and stop worrying about others. Our people come first.

Keala Dela Cruz

Faith differences

Fascinating column by Jay Sakashita: “How Different Faiths Deal With Tragedy.” I had no idea that Nagasaki had a large Christian population at the time we dropped the bomb at the end of World War II, and wonder if the American military had any idea either. The comparison of how the Christian Japanese of Nagasaki and the Buddhist Japanese of Hiroshima reacted to their tragedies was very insightful. I am becoming a fan of Prof. Sakashita’s writing.

Grace Wong

Value of chores

I couldn’t help notice the juxtaposition of D.L. Stewart’s column “American Kids Grow Up Without Doing Chores” and the Free Range cartoon showing a young man holding a sign that reads “Mancaveless — Please Help.”

I grew up doing laundry, washing dishes, mowing the lawn, watering the lawn, raking leaves and more. I didn’t like it, and would have preferred playing with my friends, but it taught me how to work at a young age.

Oh, and today I have my own mancave.

Jim Welch

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