Letters to the Editor – 9/10/14

More tolerance

I appreciate the perspective that Prof. Jay Sakashita brings in his MidWeek religion column “Misfit Spirit.”

For me, the academic study of religion has provided a basis for personal beliefs that stand the test of critical thinking.

It has helped me sort out what people actually believe from what they are rumored to believe.

It has increased my tolerance and appreciation for people who hold different views from my own. Mid-Week is doing a great service by providing something that is usually only available to college students.

James B. Young
Saint Louis Heights

Now that’s news

What an amazing story told by Bob Jones about the second attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. I’m something of a Pearl Harbor buff and thought I knew a lot of things about Dec. 7, 1941, and its aftermath, but this was a new one for me.

Roger Lee

Political maybes

Columnist Bob Jones predicted that “Dems Will Prevail In General Election.” But there are still lots of “maybes:”

Maybe an improvement in voter turnout as locals are fed up, and frustrated, by what has come down the road.

Maybe the media won’t be so biased — such as saying that former Gov. Lingle’s Furlough Fridays were different from Gov. Abercrombie’s Leave Without Pay Days.

Maybe the new governor will be tough against some of the issues hounding us, and not be washed away with the tides of public, political or union opinions. Maybe the new governor will have some magic potion to get a grip on problems.

Maybe UH-Manoa will straighten itself out.

Maybe the non-teachers’ stranglehold on public education will be loosened, and the teachers will be able to run and improve the system.

Maybe Sen. Schatz will be strong enough to do some good for the state.

And maybe I will win millions of dollars in the next Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Peter Coleman Jr.

Catching up

It was great seeing the Old Friends feature on Marlene Sai. She has been one of the classiest people in Hawaii’s music business for many years, and I appreciated “catching up” with her.

Lydia Kam

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