Letters to the Editor – 10/29/14

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I usually agree with Bob Jones, but not with his assessment of Amendment 4. I do not feel the beleaguered taxpayers of Hawaii should be footing the bill for private education on any level. If parents want to send their children to a private school, they should pay for it.

What if this passes? In four years it will be the same politicians asking that taxpayers fund schooling at Punahou or Iolani, or even HPU. All it would take is the removal of one word: preschool. Taxpayers are not ATMs full of money to be drawn from by politicians for their pet projects.

I plan to vote no.

Ann Ruby

Endangering U.S.

I appreciated the letter “Tough on Ebola” from Keala Dela Cruz, and Pat Buchanan’s column “Ebola, Ideology And Common Sense/Bring Back Quarantines.” It amazes me how many decisions are made by officials in the U.S. that make no sense for the well-being of America and Americans. Failing to stop travelers from Ebola-infected areas of Africa from entering the U.S. falls into that category.

I’ve always believed America is the greatest country in the world, but sometimes I have to wonder if that is really the case.

Rick Lee

Good UH news

With all of the idiocy coming out of UH over the past few years, not to mention a lousy football team, it was refreshing to read the cover story about “The Latest Medical Breakthrough At UH.” Kudos to the doctors and engineers working on this amazing abdominal machine, and to MidWeek for telling this positive story about my university. We all want to be proud.

Kelly Kojima

Coffee’s war

Jerry Coffee is the inverted Chicken Little. He wants us to worry about a terrorist group that was essentially created because Bush 43 lied to get us in Iraq and then wouldn’t deal with Sunnis. Now Obama shares culpability by not dealing with Maliki. But we still have not been directly attacked. And for this, Mr. Coffee says, we are to ignore the sky and global warming. Apparently he wants us to spend our people and future in continuing a war that has sent VA disability costs from $20 billion a year in 2000 to $60 billion in 2014. He wants to increase that in people and cost and ignore increased hurricanes, sea-level rise, dying reefs and drought. Look at the big picture.

Merle Goodell

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