Letters // Letters to the Editor – 8/6/14

More about Anna

I was pleasantly surprised to see a picture of my aunt Anna Furtado Kahanamoku as part of your article on Lanakila Pacific. I was disappointed to see my aunt only identified by name and as Duke’s sister-in-law and Sargent’s wife. She was so much more.

I imagine she was identified in relation to the Kahanamokus because people would be curious about what her connection was to them. Anyway, she was both a territorial representative (1954-’56 and ’56-’58) and a territorial senator, elected in ’64. She was also Aloha Week queen with Sargent as king in 1961. She was well-educated and a teacher for 17 years as well.

Donna Gedge

More than peas

I am so glad to see that Bob Jones is reading the label on his package of chick peas and learning that he is not simply eating peas. Bhutan, which Mr. Jones recently visited, grows only organic, under the consultation of anti-GMO Indian activist Vandana Shiva. And why don’t we hear about Fiji which has become a certified organic exporter of coconut oil and papaya with the support of its leaders who know that organic is more sustainable and healthier for its own people?

Dr. Melissa Yee

Failure of VA

Thank you, first, to veteran Rand Pellegrino for his excellent letter on the failure of Veterans Affairs to humanely care for our military veterans. That the word “humanely” is even needed is also a travesty. And thank you to MidWeek for choosing to publish Mr. Pellegrino’s letter.

I’ve also had this thought: The troubles at VA must make recruiting a lot tougher for the military branches. Why would anyone sign up, knowing they will not be taken care of later?

Jack Lewis

Hawaii 5-0’s HPD

Bob Jones was absolutely correct in saying that HPD is allowing its officers to look weak and incompetent in the way they are portrayed on Hawaii Five-0. HPD should be getting something positive in return for allowing the show to use its personnel and vehicles.

Linda Lee

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