Letters to the Editor – 9/24/14

Rites of passage

I appreciate Jay Sakashita’s thoughtful approach to religious topics. His column, “Journey Of Life And Rites Of Passage,” was especially thought-provoking for me, having just celebrated a birthday that ends in a zero.

These may be artificial markers, in a certain sense, but they do give meaning and a sense of place, in the big picture, along our life’s journey and for our own existence in this big, wide world.

My next big milestone: Becoming a grandparent.

Bill Allen

Good advice

Thanks to David Chang for a most informative series on Social Security, and various strategies to maximize benefits.

Having paid into it for more than 40 years — my paycheck still includes a Social Security tax — I resent when conservative politicians call Social Security an “entitlement,” and I am looking forward in the near future to reaping the benefits of a lifetime of hard work.

Edith Lee

Peejay’s back

Bob Hogue’s column about Peejay Brun taking over as head softball coach at UH-Hilo brought back a lot of fond memories of the early days of the UHManoa softball program.

Peejay was one of my favorite players, and a big reason I wanted to play catcher when I was young. I wondered over the years what had become of her, and it’s nice to know she’s had such a great career, and I hope it continues.

Lisa Wong

Classic evening

I was amazed to see Uncle Tom Moffatt’s “This Week In 1964 — The HIC opens with a formal champagne and black tie gala.”

I attended that event at what is now the Blaisdell Arena, and I still have the program, right here in front of me, listing the musical offerings of the Honolulu Symphony and the arias sung by Dorothy

Kirsten, with pictures of Miss Kirsten and George Barati!

Brings back happy memories of that event.

Maybe being a collector does pay off sometimes!

Peter Clark

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