Letters to the Editor – 8/13/14

Pulitzer artistry

Nothing matches Dick Adair’s contribution in last week’s MidWeek. His research brought forth Emma Lazarus’ inscription below the Statue of Liberty — here as an August madonna — with his drawing of a background of NYC skyscrapers above a border desert: “Send these, the wretched refuse of your teeming shores …” So Mr. Adair drew the wretched decision our leaders face (immigrants as we all were) while she lifts her lamp, now, for children.

No matter the side you’ve taken on this issue, Mr. Adair deserves the Pulitzer Prize for his quiet, thought-provoking artistry.

Ruth Freedman, RN

Perfectly drawn

John Pritchett’s cartoon “A more tranquil world?!” — showing the world as a pressure cooker about to explode — in one drawing perfectly summed up the thoughts and emotions I’ve been having over the past couple of war-torn months. Brilliant.

Jack Mateo

No falls

Thank you for the article “Hawaii’s Falling Epidemic.” I couldn’t believe the statistics: 85 deaths and almost 2,000 hospitalizations because of falls every year in Hawaii. I’m not close to being a senior citizen, but have taken some of the advice given in the story to make my own home safer.

Lisa Yamamoto

GOP plans

Longtime Republican Pat Buchanan doesn’t do the party any favors by telling us what the GOP plans to do if they gain the power to do it. His column last week on the Republican bill in the Senate, SB 2277, which could be described as a “get tough with the Russians” bill, in his own words, is unrealistic and worse. It puts us back into a “cold war” stance with the Russians.

Harold Loomis

Buddhist guide

Having been raised in a Christian faith in the Midwest, but with a new interest in Buddhism, thank you to Jay Sakashita for this “tour guide” of Japanese, Chinese and Korean Buddhist practices and temples. It is very helpful.

Dawn Ryan

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