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Local Hawaii news, opinions and lifestyle

Susan Page
Susan's Page // Taking The Bergdahl News Personally
It’s a little surreal watching events unfold over the return of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, America’s only Afghanistan war POW. For four years and...

Jaimie Kim
Old Friends // Nolan “Alika” Kaahanui
As a senior at Aiea High School, Nolan “Alika” Kaahanui was lost. Dabbling in substance abuse and far from receiving his high school diploma, he...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Book Gives Life To Hawaiian History
“It was a time of many prayers, some of life, some of death. Kokoiki at Kohaha was the place, and the month was ‘Ikuwa. Men’s...

MidWeek Staff
Mystery Shopper // Rebecca Ryan Wins A $150 Spree At Safeway
On Thursday, Rebecca Ryan decided to restock her cupboard, so she took a trip to Safeway on Kapahulu Avenue. As she left the store at...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // The Sacrifices Fathers Make For Keiki
A father’s love is the best kind of love and is superior to anything else. This is the view promoted in the world religions, as...

Nicole Kato
Good Neighbors // Diane Cornish
You can see the ribs and hipbones on the female horse as she stands in her pen gobbling down green cubes of vegetation. She’s underweight...

Mufi Hannemann
Island Matters // First Family Of Hawaii Baseball
Babe Ruth once said, “Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world.” It’s a sentiment shared by the...

MidWeek Staff
Proof Positive // Fellowship Enhances Leadership Skills
By Kalei Stern, director of external relations for the Omidyar Fellows program We live in a place where limited resources are a concern, but we...

MidWeek Staff
Pet Friends Forever // Say Hello to Alex!
ALEX loves to tweet with affection to her visitors. She already may have been adopted, but more than 100 other animals are available at the...

Alice Inoue
A Mindful Moment // Focus on Another
When is the last time you said, “How are you?” to someone and cared about what they said? I challenge you to value someone today...

Pamela Young
Applause // Enjoying Quality Care After A Fall
Aloha Pamela, My 4-year-old autistic granddaughter was with my husband and me in Sears’ Garden/Tools Department at Windward Mall. Suddenly, she broke free from my...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // Anything, Even Nebulization, For A Rat
The difficult part of being a veterinarian is dealing with end-of-life issues. It is, after all, inevitable. In general, people will outlive their pets. Is...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Busted
In the American justice system, we are all innocent until proven guilty. In the marriage justice system, husbands are guilty until proven innocent. Even when...

MidWeek Staff
What's Next // Mary Sakamoto Wins A $150 Spree At Foodland
On Friday, Mary Sakamoto wanted potato chips and ice cream, and to check out the weekend specials at Foodland, so she took a trip to...

MidWeek Staff
Proof Positive // Native Hawaiian Culture In Tourism
The workforce behind Hawaii’s visitor industry works hard to show aloha to those who come to our shores. Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association (NaHHA) is an...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // Blending The Physical And Spiritual
In Oriental religion, 道 is way or path of spiritual cultivation. It is pronounced “dao/tao” in Chinese, such as in Daoism/Taoism, but “do/to” in Korean...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Maya Angelou’s Power Lives On
I can’t believe I took her for granted. Maya Angelou died last Wednesday. Her physical presence is no longer on this earth, and for that...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // K9 Family
It’s ridiculous the love that our family has for our dog Buddy. It’s so bad that even I, mister manly man, admit that, when speaking...

MidWeek Staff
Good Neighbors // Joe Ganahl
Living in Hawaii, we are able to enjoy the beach on any given day (weather permitting, of course), and many divers, swimmers and surfers utilize...

Mufi Hannemann
Island Matters // Making Progress On Natatorium Future
A crumbling structure with faded memories is the focus of a newly designated national treasure in Hawaii, which continues to serve as a setting to...


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