It’s The Little Things That Count In Life

Dear Pamela,

Recently at Pearlridge, my car would not start, even after several tries. Thankfully, there was a kind gentleman who not only started the car, but also backed it out of the stall. I hope this kind, patient man reads your column and knows how very grateful I am to him.

Pearl City

Dear Pamela,

My devoted uncle attends to his wife’s grave in Kaneohe twice weekly, but if he’s unable, I happily do it. After changing the water, I planned on getting more flowers, when along came a tall, nice-looking gentleman who offered a bunch of beautiful yellow-orange spider-like flowers, explaining he had extra. I was so surprised at his generosity, I did not ask his name. This act of kindness was much appreciated, and may this gentleman be forever blessed.

Sharon Melton

Dear Pamela,

While at a parade in Kailua, I had a lanyard holder around my neck inside my blouse with all my important cards. I did not know the holder came off the clip until I was about to pay for a bill at a restaurant. Meanwhile, a good Samaritan named Kevin found my holder and came to my house. I was not home, so he left it with a neighbor. Kevin, I could not thank you personally, but with all my heart, I want to thank you so much. May God bless you, your loved ones and good fortune follow you always!

Martha Harper

Aloha Pamela,

After shopping at Windward Mall, our car had a flat tire. A kind gentleman named Doug noticed that my husband was having a hard time changing the tire. He turned his car around and stopped to help us. We appreciated his help and would like to thank him for his kind gesture. It’s good to know there are still people like Doug out there willing to help older people. Also, we would like to thank his passengers, who sat in the car and waited patiently while he helped us.

Applause and mahalo!

Stephen Mora

Dear Pamela,

A big thank you to the nice young lady at Harpo’s downtown who treated me to a slice of pizza. I was feeling down, and she made my day.

Ruth Shima

Dear Ruth, Stephen, Martha, Sharon and MS,

Isn’t it amazing how the smallest of gestures are remembered and cherished when they are delivered in kindness and received with gratitude?

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