Helping Families Find Quality Child Care

By Katy Chen, Executive Director (PATCH) People Attentive to Children

Where can I find safe child care? How do I know if the care provider is any good? Will I be able to afford it?

Every Hawaii parent, especially working parents, has these questions. As a parent of two children myself, I know firsthand the worry that comes with trying to find quality, affordable child care. Finding quality care for our keiki is critical, since 85 percent of human brain development occurs during the first five years of life.


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Katy Chen

This is why PATCH is critical for our community. Founded in 1976 as a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit, PATCH helps working families with free child care referrals, whether you’re looking for a preschool, family child care or before- and after-school care.

PATCH refers only those providers who are state licensed, and who meet health and safety standards. We connect parents to resources to help pay for child care. PATCH also helps guide parents through the selection process, so they can be confident when choosing care that is best for their family.

Last year alone, we responded to more than 8,000 enquiries for child care. Let us help you.

If you are thinking of sending your son or daughter to preschool this year, PATCH can help you find ways to pay tuition. One example is the Preschool Open Doors program, which provides subsidies to low-income families to send their children to preschool. Applications are available and due April 30.

PATCH helps thousands of families each year. One parent commented, “I have been very satisfied with your program and it has made a huge difference in my child’s life … Thank you so much for opening doors for my family that otherwise would not have been possible.”

PATCH runs free training classes in early childhood education and care for parents, care providers and those interested in opening their own childcare business.

Donations are welcome, and volunteers are needed to help with our many community events and fundraisers. Contact PATCH at 839-1988,, or visit us online at to find out about all the programs PATCH offers.

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