The Hands-free, Wearable Camera

Autographer is an intelligent wearable camera | Alison Stewart photo

Autographer is an intelligent wearable camera | Alison Stewart photo

One of my discoveries at last month’s International CES was Autographer, an intelligent wearable camera. It’s a different type of action camera that shoots a sequence of still photos versus video. Although Autographer has been out for a while, this year’s big news is its new colors – aquamarine blue, emerald green and amber yellow, as well as classic black.

Rather than capturing pictures with your “posed life,” the Autographer snaps images of your “real life” and allows you to enjoy your day without having to pause to take photos of everything. The camera uses sensor technology to automatically capture your images hands-free. There are five sensors to detect changes in light, motion, direction, color and temperature.

Setting up your Autographer is very simple. For the camera itself – mostly self-explanatory, as you scroll through the menu with the two buttons on the side. You can adjust the automatic capture rate to low (50 images per hour), medium (100 images per hour) or high (200 images per hour). To make it talk to your phone, the first step is downloading the free Autographer app (iOS or Android). You then pair the camera with your phone via Bluetooth. Voila, you can see all the pictures that were captured by your Autographer on your phone. You also can use the desktop application to view and edit your photos.

I wore my Autographer while doing some “staycation” activities, including a trip to the mall, a boat ride and my daughter’s playtime with one of her besties. During that whole time, only two people noticed I was wearing it and stopped to ask me about it. I guess everyone else figured it was a funny-looking necklace. On another note, it was nice that I was able to turn the GPS functionality on and off. This let me pinpoint my locations.

As for storage, Autographer typically captures the experiences of your day during a 12-hour period (or 2,000 photos), but the camera can store up to 16,000 images (or up to eight days) before reaching its 8GB storage limit. On a practical level, I can’t see using this camera on an everyday basis, but it’s definitely fun for vacations, special events or documenting valuable family time. Find it for $399 at

Click Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: Poynt

Poynt has been around for years, but was recently upgraded. It’s a location-aware app that lets you quickly find restaurants, movie theaters, the cheapest/nearest gas station and much more.

You can find and connect with people and events near you and share your search results with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email or text messaging. Further, you can interact with your search by placing calls to businesses, getting mapping directions, reserving a table at a restaurant or viewing showtimes for a movie. I’ve used it the most for restaurant searches (to find new places) and finding the cheapest gas stations.

This is especially a great travel companion when you don’t know an area very well, and nice to use when you need to find nearly anything. Best of all, it’s free! It’s available for your iOS or Android device.