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Heeia Kea Noses Appreciate HFD

Aloha Pamela,

The recent, well-publicized episode with the rotten sperm whale carcass being brought into Heeia Kea Boat Harbor for disposal also left a distinctive odor in the harbor. Many people came to the harbor to look at the carcass.

My APPLAUSE is for the Honolulu Fire Department crews from Kaaawa, Kahaluu and Kaneohe commanded by Capts. Mark Adams, Jeff Sanchez and Warren Faurot. They used two tanker-truck loads of water to shoot down the parking lot where the carcass was loaded onto two tractor trailers.

On Monday, a very strong odor of decayed whale remained, which led me to call city Environmental Services for a reference to chemicals that would help remove the odor. I was referred to Albert Kim, who sent his crew down, led by Steve, with their tanker truck full of the right stuff to help with the “perfume” of sperm whale. Many thanks to HFD and city Environmental Services.

The many users of Heeia Kea Boat Harbor thank you for your exemplary service in making our lives – and noses – much better.

Ernie Choy
Heeia Kea

Dear Ernie,

HFD Capt. Terry Seelig says it was a big job in which the fire companies played a small part.

“We appreciate the recognition for the role we had in a situation that affected a lot of people in the community,” he says. “There was a potential hazard, not just with the odor, but the carcass being stuck on the reef. A commercial operator towed it in, DLNR and other agencies lifted it out. Our main objective was to keep the area safe so people weren’t stumbling into the hazard. We appreciate the APPLAUSE letter.”

Dear Pamela,

While shopping at Costco Waipio, my significant other suddenly had difficulty standing and walking. The staff immediately retrieved a wheelchair and assisted us to our car. Thank you to the angels who are employed at Costco.

Cathy Kaneshiro

Dear Cathy,

Costco Kapolei manager Lorraine Chevez says it’s all in a day’s work at all Costco stores.

“Of course we would assist anyone who appeared to be having difficulty or not feeling well. Our entire staff is focused on customer service.”

Dear Pamela,

I cannot say thank you enough for the loving care my mom received from St. Francis Hospice at the end of her long 90 years of life.

After we called St. Francis Hospice, a caring nurse was immediately sent to my mom’s home to assess her condition. A few hours later, necessary oxygen was brought in to help her shallow breathing.

Then, later, medicine was brought to comfort her. She passed away that same evening, and then another caring St. Francis nurse came to follow up with what needed to be done.

Thank you, St. Francis Hospice, for your sincere love and care for people in their last stage of life.

Lani Kaneshiro

Dear Lani,

Jerry Correa, president and CEO of St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii, says that end-of-life care is as important as other medical specialties.

“Our team strives tomake sure every hospice patient in our care has an improved quality of life to make the remaining time with their family and friends as rewarding as possible. Losing a loved one is never easy. Our desire is to make it a special time of healing to create a peaceful transition for our patients and their family. Positive feedback from family members reminds us that we are filling an important need in our community.”