Old Friends


Alan Wong

Born in Japan, chef Alan Wong’s earliest memories of food are simple: tamago gohan (a Japanese egg and rice dish),..

Kim Gennaula

It’s been about eight years since Kim Gennaula walked away from KGMB and her career in broadcast journalism. In the..

Rusty Komori

The end of something often can be sad — a time for reflection and recuperation. But for Punahou School boys..

Darnell Arceneaux

A few weeks ago, family and friends gathered at Saint Louis Alumni Clubhouse. There, they sat in anticipation and then..

John Hirokawa

At 6 years old, John Hirokawa found himself hooked on magic. Library visits with his parents provided him with books..

Hoagy Gamble

In 1946, Hoagy Gamble was born in Hawaii. And if you ask him, he’s been eating SPAM, eggs and rice..

Siana Austin Hunt

In the past few years since Siana Austin Hunt joined Make-A-Wish Hawaii as its executive director, the nonprofit organization has..

Melveen Leed

It was a Miss Hawaii pageant that made Melveen Leed realize her love for performing. Representing Molokai, she sang Moon..

Johnny Kai

The key to rebuilding Hawaii’s entertainment industry and the ability to earn a musical livelihood, Johnny Kai will argue, is..

Yasmin Dar

There was a time when Yasmin Dar imagined herself as a doctor. Science and the study of life had been..

James Young

At age 14, James Young and his family moved to Hawaii. It was then that he developed an interest in..

Angela Perez Baraquio

In college, Angela Perez Baraquio’s mother imparted these words of advice: “If you obey God and do his will, your..

Kanoe Gibson Nitta

As a student at University of Hawaii, Kanoe Gibson Nitta was studying business with a focus on marketing and management...

Pat Saiki

As a public school teacher, Pat Saiki took notice of the lack of independence she and her colleagues had. There..

Chai Chaowasaree

Chef Chai at Pacifica has become synonymous with elegant dining. But long before Chai Chaowasaree’s namesake began to dazzle diners..

Nanette Napoleon

In college, Nanette Napoleon spent a night in Kaupo, an old and remote Hawaiian graveyard on Maui. Yes, it sounds..

Kirk Matthews

Kirk Matthews stood in front of an active lava flow, watching it slowly make its way down a street in..

Dr. Terry Shintani

While in law school, Terry Shintani was flunking and on the verge of quitting. Then a friend recommended he change..

Carol Ai May

At a young age, Carol Ai May learned from her father that nothing in life is free. As the daughter..