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Archives for: Alana Folen
Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Relieving Party-Planning Stress
Events made easy is what Eve Colton In, president and owner of In Concierge Services, aims to do. Having always dreamed of owning her own...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // A Spa-cial Place For Pooches
Combining her love for man’s best friend and fashion, Cocojor Hawaii and Cocojor Emporium & Spaw owner and founder Monica Shigenaga brings doggy couture to...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // New Clothing Line Promotes Aloha
VH07V isn’t some new mathematical formula. If you look closely, it’s ALOHA written upside down (kind of), and it’s also the name of a Hawaii...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Digital Filing For All That Data
In a time when everyone is going green, Aloha Data is creating a digital filing solution for any office that is bombarded and burdened with...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Cookie Lady Does What She Loves
Nothing beats the invigorating aroma of freshly baked cookies right out of the oven, and when you want cookies done right, The Cookie Lady Hawaii...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Producing Tastier, Local Pork Rinds
Self-proclaimed pork rind enthusiasts Joie Yuen and Darrin Muramoto, owners of Pork Grinds Hawaii, began their business in August 2010 when they were not satisfied...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Custom-fitting Luxurious Lashes
There’s something about long, luscious lashes, and many would say gorgeously full eyelashes are a key part of beauty. Yet, if you weren’t blessed with...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // A Doggone Cute Business Venture
Tails are waggin’ for Krystal Narusaki, owner of Lei Woof. As a self-proclaimed dog lover and Kauai native, Narusaki took a leap full-force into the...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Custom-made Fashion Accessories
Business partners Virginia Rho and Van Michael Shiroma of Rhoshi Hawaii are on a mission to provide each individual the opportunity to express their personality...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // A Brotherly Approach To Mufflers
If Dad is big on cars and auto mechanics, he may appreciate something special this Father’s Day from Exhaust Systems Hawaii, a one-stop shop for...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Telling A Yarn Of Baby Photo Props
As a mother and entrepreneur, Jenna Esposito is tackling what are perhaps the two most demanding jobs on earth. She founded her business Jennaration Yarns...

Alana Folen
Newsmakers // Forming Female Leaders Of The Future
Founded by Queen Emma for girls at a time when educational opportunities were rare, St. Andrew’s Priory today sends 100 percent of grads to college...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // An App For Happy Hour Happenings
Let’s admit it, the best part of the workday is when happy hour rolls around, and now with Happy Hour Hawaii, you now have the...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Providing Security At Home, Work
Everyone should feel safe in their own home, and it’s the mission of Aloha Alarm to provide “security with aloha.” Titus Napoleon serves as executive...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Happy Daze For Parents And Babies
Oh, baby! Ohana Daze is your one-stop shop for anything and everything baby, and it makes the joys of parenthood just a bit easier for...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Getting Lucky At The Black Cat
Who says black cats are bad luck? For Katy Gassaway and Jentry Petzold, co-founders of The Black Cat Salon + Spa, these felines are nothing...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // A Yoga Experience That’s Really Hot
Sun Yoga Hawaii provides an exhilarating experience for the mind, body and soul, and owner Michele Lowchinovscy Santos’ mission is to empower individuals through the...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Finding True Power To Ease Pain
Call it what you will, but many believe True Power Sports Bands perform miracles through negative ion technology, helping people of all ages reach their...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Hawaii’s One-stop Flip Flop Shop
Here in the Islands, slippers, aka flip flops, are a way of life, so when it came to an entrepreneurial venture, Steve Haugse and his...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Designing With The Sea In Mind
Nina Thai, owner and designer of Angels by the Sea Hawaii, located on the first floor of Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, has a...

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