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An App For Happy Hour Happenings

Brandon and Carey Bennett

Brandon and Carey Bennett. Photo courtesy Happy Hour Hawaii

Let’s admit it, the best part of the workday is when happy hour rolls around, and now with Happy Hour Hawaii, you now have the most up-to-date happy hour resource throughout the Islands. Happy Hour Hawaii was co-founded by husband-and-wife duo Brandon and Carey Bennett, who conceptualized and launched HappyHourHawaii.com in March 2011, shortly followed by mobile applications for Android, iPhone and iPad.

“Our primary goal with Happy Hour Hawaii is to provide a service,” Carey says. “In a tough economic climate, one of people’s favorite activities is to get together over a meal. With Happy Hour Hawaii, users can get together with their friends and family with the comfort of knowing that they’re getting a great deal.”

Brandon actively taught himself to program websites and mobile applications upon graduating from Pepperdine University in 2009, and with Carey’s experience in Internet advertising and a deep passion for pau hana, it seemed only fitting that Happy Hour Hawaii make its way into the dining scene.

Happy Hour Hawaii’s website and GPS-based mobile applications allow users to find the best deals on food and beverage in the nearby area. According to the Bennetts, the restaurants manage their content themselves, enabling Happy Hour Hawaii to provide the most accurate information possible. Users can browse through complete food and beverage happy hour menus, which include prices and item descriptions.

“With our website or mobile apps, users know whether a restaurant or bar offers discounts on drinks, food or both! It helps take the guesswork out of trying new places, and allows you to see what you’re in for beforehand,” says Carey, who’s quick to acknowledge Happy Hour Hawaii’s diverse demographic.

“The response to Happy Hour Hawaii has been fantastic. We now have a strong presence on five of the islands,” she states. “The biggest reward is when people in the community recognize and actively use our product.”

In the near future, the Bennetts are working to at least double the amount of restaurants and bars listed on the website and mobile applications. Currently, you’ll find close to 200 listings.

“We also look forward to conceptualizing and hosting events such as block parties, pub crawls, pau hana-focused meet-up groups and liquor-sponsored parties,” Carey says.

For more information, visit HappyHourHawaii.com. afolen@midweek.com