Finding True Power To Ease Pain

Call it what you will, but many believe True Power Sports Bands perform miracles through negative ion technology, helping people of all ages reach their true performance potential. This Boston-based company is dedicated to active healthy lifestyles, and provides responsible products and helpful information that benefit the lives of many individuals.

“True Power is one of the best energy bands on the market,” says Yoshi Nakabayashi, president of True Power Hawaii, the Oahu dealer. “There are many energy bands on the market nowadays, but True Power has the most negative ions in its bands (close to 1,800), while other bands have much less. We have an ion tester to prove this.”

True Power has a proprietary technology in which 10 minerals are liquefied and infused into the silicone band producing a large amount of negative ions.

According to Vince Espino, CEO of True Power Hawaii, the band helps to increase blood circulation, which in turn improves overall performance. Espino started a True Power franchise in Hawaii last month after noticing the positive effects of True Power through firsthand experience.

“I was in Florida with my daughter, who was playing in a golf tournament, and True Power was being demonstrated at one of the pro shops. My daughter wanted one, so I figured we might as well try it – plus it’s so fashionable,” he says. “The following day my daughter noticed that I was carrying her golf bag on my right shoulder, but prior to the trip I planned to have surgery on that same shoulder because I was having problems with my rotator cuff. But after using True Power for just one day my shoulder felt better, so we kept on using it, and my shoulder got better and I ended up not having surgery. Even my back pains disappeared. Now I’m able to go back to the gym and work out again, play golf and most importantly sleep better.

“I quickly got in touch with True Power’s main office on the Mainland, told them about my experience and our desire to represent them in Hawaii, and fortunately for us they gave us the franchise to operate here.”

True Power Bands are currently sold at Yoshi’s True Power store (1245 Young St., #102) for $30 each (tax included). As the only True Power outlet here in the Islands, Yoshi’s True Power store offers an array of bands in various colors and sizes, ranging from extra-small to extra-large.

“We recommend that people wear the bands all the time, but not wear it too tightly on the wrist – size is very important,” Espino says.

“Our bands are very popular among celebrity athletes on the Mainland as well as people who have had nagging aches and pains,” Nakabayashi adds. “Because negative ions help in blood circulation, those who wear our bands regularly have experienced noticeable improvement in pain relief, stress relief and also an increase in energy.”

It’s also believed that negative ion therapy can help the body eliminate positive ions as well. According to Nakabayashi, positive ions interfere with the natural function of the body’s muscles and nervous system.

For more information on True Power Sports Bands, visit or call 596-2555.