Custom-made Fashion Accessories

Rhoshi Hawaii Shambhala

A custom-made Rhoshi Hawaii Shambhala bracelet. Photo courtesy Rhoshi Hawaii

Business partners Virginia Rho and Van Michael Shiroma of Rhoshi Hawaii are on a mission to provide each individual the opportunity to express their personality through customizable fashion accessories. Opening just last month, Rhoshi Hawaii is focused on designing specially made jewelry.

“We started by making Shambhala bracelets, which originated as Buddhist prayer beads, which now have a larger influence within the Western fashion industry,” Rho says. “One day we went bead shopping so that I could make a bracelet for Van, and we thought this could be a good idea for a small business – making custom-made bracelets for each individual at an affordable price.”

Currently Rhoshi Hawaii has a variety of brand-specific concepts available for purchase at IN4MATION in Pearlridge and Roberta Oaks Hawaii in downtown Honolulu, with the cost of each bracelet ranging from $45 to $50.

“These bracelets were made to cater to their brands, as well as our ideas for emphasizing the wrist-wear fashion,” Rho explains. “Customers can expect to see a lot of creativity while working with various designers and local artists such as Remi Mead, Pancho Abalos and Takumi 5.”

And although Rhoshi Hawaii caters to many professional and fast-paced executives, trendy fashion-istas also are a large part of its clientele.

“Clients can look through our social networking sites (, @rhoshi_hi on Twitter and Instagram) and contact us at to custom-order their bracelets. We do payments through Etsy and PayPal, and currently ship within the U.S.,” she adds.

Great things are in store for Rhoshi Hawaii. In fact, July 7, Rhoshi Hawaii will enter in the Spocom Car Show at Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. “We’ll have pre-designed bracelets with the night’s theme ‘LACED,’ for all sneakers and kicks fans. We’ll also be taking custom orders,” Rho says.

As a symbol of unity, “Rhoshi” was created by combining the names of both Rho and Shiroma while “Hawaii” represents the company’s roots.

“One of the greatest rewards that comes with having our own business is the gratification we earn from putting in a lot of time and effort,” Rho says. “We learned that hard work really does pay off.”

For more information on Rhoshi Hawaii, visit, @rhoshi_hi on Twitter and Instagram) or email