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Nicole Kato
Good Neighbors // Roger Yu
When Roger Yu’s wife, Carole Goodson, was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, both were “plunged instantly into a new and unexpected challenge.” Fortunately, Goodson’s outcome...

Alice Inoue
A Mindful Moment // The Virtual List In Your Head
When you reach a crossroads or a crisis, or when you have a moment of uncertainty, what virtual list inside your head do you read...

MidWeek Staff
Pet Friends Forever // Say Hello to Kiki
Two-year-old Kiki is a furry ball of affection who will light up your day with her vibrant smile. She may already have been adopted, but...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Hilda’s Story Is A Message To Us All
Hilda Leinani Kealoha Jenkins was not who I was expecting when I met her in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant in Wahiawa. She...

Pamela Young
Applause // Hailing TheCab’s Compassionate Driver
Dear Pamela, I was at my doctor’s office at Queen’s and really felt bad. Usually I take TheBus to go home, but I did not...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Rope A Dope
Most of you may have heard about a fundraising program for Special Olympics called “Over the Edge.” People raise a minimum of $1,000 in donations...

Pamela Young
Applause // Another Host Of Anonymous Angels
Dear Pamela, Our 94-year-old Daddy accidentally locked himself out of the house while waiting for Mom to come home from day care, so he decided...

Alison Young
Click Chick // ‘Star Trek’ Communicator Is A Reality
If you’re a Star Trek fan, at some point in your life you’ve probably fantasized about wearing a communicator and being able to talk to...

MidWeek Staff
Mystery Shopper // Harvilee Pratt Wins A $150 Spree At City Mill
On Friday, Harvilee Pratt needed to get a spare key made, so she took a trip to City Mill on Nimitz Highway. As she made...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Hawaii’s Dismally Low Voter Turnout
I knew when I walked up to the polling place that turnout must have been low. There was a certain quiet resignation emanating from the...

MidWeek Staff
Pet Friends Forever // Say Hello to Hanna!
Four-year-old Hanna’s calm and friendly nature makes her the perfect fit for any family. She already may have been adopted, but more than 100 other...

Susan Page
Susan's Page // Trying To ‘Let It Go’ In ‘Frozen’ Virginia
Upon reflection, I’ve concluded that my recent Halloween visit with our three granddaughters (ages 2, 3 and 6) in Northern Virginia couldn’t have ended any...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // Discovering A Magical Castle
Once upon a time … That seems like the best way to start this column because it’s almost always the opening line of a fairy...

MidWeek Staff
Proof Positive // Working Together To End Type 1 Diabetes
By Stacey Acma, Executive Director, JDRF Hawaii Each November, National Diabetes Awareness Month honors the millions of people throughout the world living with diabetes. Although...

Nicole Kato
Good Neighbors // Tim Guard
Life has been a joy — albeit a busy one — for Tim Guard, as he leads McCabe, Hamilton & Renny Co. as chairman and...

Mufi Hannemann
Island Matters // Terroristic Actor Is Father Figure
He’s not a terrorist, but he played one in real life. In 1998, the World Vision organization hired local actor Gavin Kamalu Vinta for field...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // The Personal Effects Of Prayer
If curses worked, there would be a lot fewer drivers on the road. If prayers were effective, my students would pass my classes. If prayers...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // A Sad Goodbye To An Innocent Victim
When I was in high school, the topic making the news was euthanasia. Whenever I heard the word, I wondered why everyone was concerned about...

Alice Inoue
A Mindful Moment // Monitor Your Thoughts
Make it a point to consistently monitor your thoughts because what you think about, you bring about. If you regularly think about how much you...

Jaimie Kim
Old Friends // Amy Hanaiali’i and Willie K
Amy Hanaiali’i and Willie K are just as charismatic and friendly in person as they appear to be on stage. Fans who have followed the...


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