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Jaimie Kim
Old Friends // Josh Feldman
Guests recently gathered at a private residence in Nuuanu to honor actress Mariska Hargitay during a “resort chic” picnic dinner celebrating Joyful Heart Foundation’s 10th...

MidWeek Staff
Pet Friends Forever // Say Hello to Pillows!
PILLOWS is a 1-year-old sweetie who loves to snack on apples. She loves to munch away while you tell her about your day. She already...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // Critters That Can Feast On Your Pet
Hawaii is a wonderful place to live. Beautiful beaches, gorgeous rainbows and exceptional weather are just a few of the reasons why many people love...

Alison Young
Click Chick // The $37.99 Tablet From Datawind
Datawind first raised some eyebrows when its Android tablet released in India for a government-subsidized price of $22. Now it’s available in the U.S. for...

MidWeek Staff
Proof Positive // Down Syndrome Ohana Offers Family Support
By Candice Young, outreach coordinator, Down Syndrome Ohana of Hawaii When Harley found out her daughter was born with Down syndrome, there were medical complications,...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // Traditional Marriage — Which Kind?
It’s odd that there are still some people who seek to challenge same-sex marriage under the pretense of preserving traditional marriage. I oppose traditional marriage....

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Breakfast Of Champions
I have to say that perhaps my most-favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Maybe because it is a meal that celebrates that I’m still...

Mufi Hannemann
Island Matters // There’s No Place Like Homeschool
An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but not Mom, if she happens to be your home-school teacher. Apple is a symbol for...

Nicole Kato
Good Neighbors // Milton Imaikalani I
Milton Imaikalani I has seen Aloha Week grow from its infancy into what is now known as Aloha Festivals, the largest Hawaiian cultural celebration in...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Beating Children Is Not A Spanking
I looked at the pictures of the bruises, welts and cuts on a little boy’s legs and felt sick. This was done in the name...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // Traveling With Keiki Can Be A Gamble
I rolled the dice on a different type of Las Vegas gamble recently. Not the kind with potential winnings at the slot machines or a...

MidWeek Staff
Mystery Shopper // Jonnel Kekauoha Wins A $150 Foodland Spree
On Wednesday, Jonnel Kekauoha wanted to eat poke, so she took a trip to Foodland in Kapolei. As she made her purchase at 11:30 a.m.,...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Special Delivery
People who read my column often ask me if I have to get permission before I write things. The answer is yes, I have to...

Alice Inoue
A Mindful Moment // Your Life Is ‘Falling Together’
If at times it feels like your life is falling apart, trust that it is actually “falling together” in perfect alignment. It only feels scary...

Pamela Young
Applause // Angels On The Move
Dear Pamela, I was walking my grandson around Magic Island while his mother attended canoe practice. Unbeknownst to me, I lost my car keys and...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Bass Egg Cracks Big Sounds
It’s difficult to stand out in a sea of zillions of Bluetooth speakers, but the Bass Egg did just that at the Consumer Electronics Show...

Mufi Hannemann
Island Matters // Lanai Lads Take Historic Spotlight
My mind is still reeling over the historic football game Sept. 13, when Lanai High School faced off against Molokai High School. For the Lanai...

MidWeek Staff
Mystery Shopper // Say Hello to Poppy!
POPPYis a fluffy gal who will cuddle in your lap all day. This 2-year-old bunny is looking for a home to hop around in. She...

Jaimie Kim
Old Friends // Cheesa Laureta
With a father who played music and performed in talent shows in his spare time, you could say that Cheesa Laureta’s talent as a singer...

MidWeek Staff
Proof Positive // Protecting Hawaii’s Unique Environment
By Jennifer Chillingworth, executive director, Pacific Links Hawaii Foundation Golf is more than just a game. It also can be a powerful vehicle to positively...


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