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Finding A Smile At The Dentist’s Office

Dear Pamela,

I just recently got on my feet after being homeless for a few years and living a hard life, in which I lost everything (my children, my home and my sobriety). A few months ago I lost my job and was in danger of facing homelessness once again. I was ready to pack what I could carry and look for a shelter and give up on life. Just throw in the towel. You see, although I have years of experience in dental/medical front office, I am a little “rough around the edges” (with visible tattoos and piercings). I’ve been told that I am not the face one wants in an office, but Tonette Jones took a chance and hired me. There are no words to express how beyond grateful I am to Dr. John Jones DDS and his amazing wife, Tonette, who express the deep and true meaning of “aloha” not just to patients, but to strangers who need it at the worst time of their life. They view my tattoos and piercings as “accessories” and never fail to let me know I am appreciated. So, Doc/Tonette, if you’re reading this, thank you. You give me hope.

Maddy Toleafoa


Oh, I just wanted to share that Dr. Jones saw a story about a man who desperately needed dental care but could-n’t afford it, so Dr. Jones has done all his dental work for free. That’s just the kind of people they are.

Dear Maddy,

“We’re the lucky ones,” says Dr. John Jones. “Maddy is a great gal, always with a smile on her face. We are the ones who benefit from her employment here.”

Dear Pamela,

Perhaps because they only cater to military people, they may not get all the acclaim they’re due. Had a “speed bump” last week, which sent us to Tripler ER. The nurses, doctors, specialists, transporters (wheelchair pushers), technicians, cleaners, staff, etc. were all excellent! They were seriously concerned, loving, listening, medically competent, professional and kind. Though I couldn’t eat anything, the food smelled terrific. We are so grateful to have such a fine medical facility on our island! It serves the whole Pacific as well!

Jack and Eulalia Luckett
Ala Moana

Dear Jack and Eulalia,

Maj. Paul Bornemann says it’s the patients who deserve APPLAUSE.

“At Tripler Army Medical Center, we have the honor of caring for those who serve our country,” he says. “This includes not only those who have served directly on active duty now or in the past, but also their family members. It is family members’ service to our country that also is important and often not celebrated enough. They have served silently through years of self-sacrifice by supporting the careers of their loved ones. It was a pleasure and honor to care for one such military family member, Eulalia, during her admission at Tripler, as it always is when I see her and Jack in the Family Medicine Clinic. I was so happy to see her make a full recovery, and my best wishes go out to them both for continued good health and happiness.”

Dear Pamela,

We are new to Hawaii. Just got here this past summer. I wanted to say how much I enjoy the APPLAUSE column every week! How refreshing to hear the nice things people do!

Jeanie Anderson
Fort Shafter

Dear Jeanie,

It’s called the Aloha Spirit, and you will see a lot of it here. Our hope is that you embrace the lifestyle and take the Aloha Spirit wherever your travels lead you.

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