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Old Friends
Nicole Kato
Old Friends // Tuffy Nicholas
When Tuffy Nicholas left Maui about a year and a half ago, he still had his love for circus flowing through his veins. He opened...

Nicole Kato
Old Friends // Eddie Flores
Eddie Flores of L & L Hawaiian Barbecue has been keeping busy not only with his business, but also with a new book, community work...

Nicole Kato
Old Friends // Michael Tam
For 52 years, Martin & MacArthur has been Hawaii’s fine furniture maker, and CEO Michael Tam has been expanding the company since 2008, a time...

Nicole Kato
Old Friends // Chuck Boller
Hawaii International Film Festival, known to frequenters of the screenings as HIFF, celebrates its 33rd anniversary this year and its 13th annual Spring Showcase, which...

Nicole Kato
Old Friends // Guy Hagi
It’s an exciting time of the year, but Hawaii News Now weather anchor Guy Hagi says that even with life-threatening surf and winter storms, Hawaii...

Nicole Kato
Old Friends // Al Waterson
Showman extraordinaire Al Waterson has an extensive background in music – singer, emcee, actor, voice-over talent and recording artist – and has performed not only...

Nicole Kato
Old Friends // Patricia Tummons
Patricia Tummons is loving life and loving her job. As the founder of Environment Hawaii, started in 1990, she is able to provide interested readers...

Nicole Kato
Old Friends // Mark Mugiishi
Mark Mugiishi is a jack-of-all-trades. From 1989 to 2009, “Doc” coached Iolani’s high school boys basketball team and accumulated more than 400 wins, 10 ILH...

Nicole Kato
Old Friends // Benny Rietveld
In his youth, Benny Rietveld enjoyed playing all types of musical instruments. “When I was growing up, I was playing a lot with my cousin...

Nicole Kato
Old Friends // John Tonry
With the recent meteorite scare that hit Chelyabinsk, Russia, earlier this month, the research and development of ATLAS (Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System) is even...

Nicole Kato
Old Friends // Kathy Muneno
Kathy Muneno might be a familiar face to many as weekday evening anchor for KHON2 News. But offscreen, she does many amazing things for the...

Nicole Kato
Old Friends // Lynne Boyer
When Lynne Boyer was featured on MidWeek‘s cover Aug. 7, 1985, she was a renowned surfer who pioneered the concept of professional surfing. “We were...

Nicole Kato
Old Friends // Kitty Lagareta
Photo from Carol Nakagawa There has been much going on in the life of Communications Pacific (CommPac) CEO Kitty Lagareta, and most exciting developments are...

Nicole Kato
Old Friends // Darah Dung
Darah Dung’s parents refer to her as their Chinese New Year baby because she was born on Chinese New Year in the Year of the...

Nicole Kato
Old Friends // Kiana Tom
Any mom will tell you that motherhood is busy, busy, busy. But Kiana Tom takes being busy (and successful) to a whole new level. She...

Nicole Kato
Old Friends // Dennis Kamakahi
Although the holiday busyness has died down, Grammy- and Na Hoku Hanohano Award-winner Dennis Kamakahi is still keeping busy. Since being featured on the cover...

Nicole Kato
Old Friends // Jeff Chung
There’s no doubt that Jeff Chung loves the Korean culture, and as general manager of KBFD TV, he is able to promote it in Hawaii....

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Bob Barry
You would think after 25 years as Iolani high school’s boys soccer coach, which included five state championships and 10 state championship appearances, Bob Barry...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Takeo Kobayashi
Fashion and design guru Takeo Kobayashi has designed gowns and outfits for some of Hollywood’s brightest stars, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Hu...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Owen Ho
For most, the Christmas spirit starts to take shape following Thanksgiving, but for Owen Ho, designer of the Honolulu City Lights Christmas display, his innovated...


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