Danny Casler

Photo by Jaymi Britten

Oahu is coming off the Pacific Ink & Art Expo, which was held at Neal Blaisdell Center Aug. 2-4.

Spearheading the effort was Danny Casler, who was featured on MidWeek‘s The Weekend cover May 25, 2007, along with fellow National Product band members Rob Caveney and Stan Moniz.

“My feelings on this year’s expo are great,” says the Kailua native, who notes that this year’s vendor booths sold out five months in advance. “We had another successful event. We have grown as a company and as an event team. I see 2014 being even bigger than the last two years.

“So many families came, and it just sharpened what I know we need to build upon – a further family-oriented cultural event that showcases ink and art.”

With the conclusion of this year’s expo, Casler now is looking to bigger and better things, such as moving back to his hometown and opening a restaurant in Kailua.

“I have my fingers and toes crossed,” he says. “Since I spend half the year in California (Huntington Beach) and half the year here (Oahu), it would mean I would be packing up my things and coming home.

“I am grateful for everything I accomplished on the Mainland, but I miss my people, the island, the mana of this place and the food. I think it’s time to come home.”

When he’s not preparing for the Pacific Ink & Art Expo, Casler spends his time with a new hobby, running The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Hollywood, where he works on the marketing and production aspects of the business.

He’s also still in the music industry and spends most of his time doing singing-songwriting for television commercials and films, and recently landed a 90210 Coca-Cola commercial and MTV gigs.

Casler says that National Product took a break in 2011 because drummer Caveney was diagnosed with a brain tumor. However, the group has reunited and is getting ready to put out a new record.

In his spare time, Casler was called to sing for the famous punk rock band Pennywise and toured Europe with legendary punk and rock ‘n’ roll bands.

“When I was 13, they were my first bands I got cassettes of … and I was singing for my dream band. So, life has been pretty sweet up until this point, and it’s getting pretty awesome.”

But don’t worry, Casler still has his heart set on spreading awareness and appreciation for ink and art. He plans to head to Shanghai in hope of starting China’s first tattoo expo.