Old Friends


Charles L. Goodwin

Seven years ago, Honolulu FBI special agent in charge Charles L. Goodwin was forced into retirement — a mandatory requirement..

Richard Burns

Gone are the libraries of the past — where technology was not much more than a fanciful concept of the..

Dita Holifield

Dita Holifield’s electrifying country crooning has captivated local audiences for years, both on stage and over radio airwaves. Currently director..

Natalie Ai Kamauu

Natalie Ai Kamauu’s personality is as charming as her music, which has entranced and entertained fans with each new venture...

Lee Donohue

For most people, retirement means shedding a busy schedule to make way for free time to spend recreationally. But 10..

Lama Karma Rinchen

The scene at Kagyu Thegchen Ling in Nuuanu is serene. Outside, the wind gently rustles branches in large trees that..

Hudson Hott

Hudson Hott’s lively personality has been hard to miss for listeners tuning in to Star 101.9 during their morning commute..

Lanai Tabura

Last year, viewers across the nation tuned in to Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race as eight teams traveled..

Jim Nabors

At Jim Nabors’ sprawling Diamond Head beachside retreat, photos with silver screen legends such as Debbie Reynolds and Carol Burnett..