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Alison Young
Click Chick // Nest Protect’s Wi-Fi Smoke, CO2 Monitor
Nest Protect is a Wi-Fi smoke and carbon monoxide monitor, the first smoke detector that you can control with an app. It sends notifications to...

Alison Young
Click Chick // ShopThis! Then Recycle Old Stuff
The entire world is a shopping cart … so to speak. Shoppers, beware: ShopThis! is the next level of instant gratification for your convenience and...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Focusing On Sony’s Mobile Lens
Traveling with nothing but an iPhone is very convenient (weight-wise) since I don’t have to lug a huge SLR camera around, but at the same...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Microsoft Unveils Surface 2
Last week Microsoft unveiled the Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 and an expanded portfolio of new Surface accessories that will be released Oct. 22. These...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Tokyo Game Show 2013 Highlights
Here I am at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) once again, two days after enduring the winds and rains of Typhoon Man-yi. I admit I...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Apple Announces Two New iPhones
Once again Apple announced a new iPhone – well, two new iPhones, to be accurate. The difference between the two is the iPhone 5S is...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Lost Planet 3: Good Combat Mix
In this third iteration of the Lost Planet series, Jim Peyton is introduced. This is a third-person shooter game and prequel tale that is set...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Customized High-Performance Optics
Last week Oakley reopened its doors to an updated store in Ala Moana Center. This new 1,500-square-foot store includes an in-store optical center that allows...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Sony’s PlayStation 4 Release Date
At last week’s Gamescom Sony press conference in Germany, Sony announced PlayStation 4 (PS4) will be available Nov. 15 in the U.S. and Canada, and...

Alison Young
Click Chick // The Skinny On Ultra HD 4K TVs
As you may have heard, almost all the major TV manufacturers recently began shipping or are preparing to ship their own iterations of Ultra HD...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Breathtaking Sword And Sorcery
Dragon’s Crown is one of the games that stood out for me at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), or maybe it’s just because representatives...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Linking Your TV And The Internet
At only $35, just about everyone can appreciate Chromecast, the new 2.8-inch Apple TV-like device that plugs directly into your TV and lets you play...

Alison Young
Click Chick // A Personal Lost And Found App
Tile is the world’s largest new lost and found desk. With a Tile device, you can manage and find the items that matter most to...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Blue Startups’ Second Cohort
You may remember me mentioning Blue Startups in a recent column. Once again, the Hawaii-based technology accelerator with an Asia and Pacific focus is accepting...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Small Card Makes A Big Difference
The big products usually make the headlines, but small ideas can make a big a difference, too. A brainchild of Kickstarter, the ChargeCard is a...

Alison Young
Click Chick // July Is ‘Recycle for Keiki’ Month
July is “Recycle for Keiki” month for Mobi PCS and Ronald McDonald House Charities of Hawaii (RMHC-Hawaii), so this is your chance to recycle your...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Charge Your Phone In An Everpurse
There are bags out there that charge your gadgets, but nothing ever had come out specifically designed for women. That has changed with the recently...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Microsoft-Ala Moana Opens
While I was enjoying the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last week and playing various games on Xbox One consoles, Microsoft opened the doors to its...

Alison Young
Click Chick // A Few Highlights From E3 2013
It’s been a big week in the industry, and as I write this, I just completed Day One of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)....

Alison Young
Click Chick // Last-minute Gift Ideas For Dad
Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if you haven’t purchased anything yet for your special dad, below are a few of my favorite...


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