Norton Mobile Security At CES

One of my highlights at the recent International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was visiting the Norton Truck and Recharge Lounge. It had food, coffee and massages – all my favorites! Well, besides the fun stuff, it was really there to promote mobile security awareness, and they were giving out copies of Norton Mobile Security. I am someone who invests in all the coverage I can such as mobile phone insurance from Row and other places as well as phone security. Most people don’t give the security of their phone a second thought, but if you think about how much data is on your phone, it’s probably more important to protect your phone than your computer!


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‘CNN Money’ deems Check the ‘Cadillac of money management apps’ | Photos from Alison Young

Inside the Norton truck I was shown the secret mobile lives of six ordinary people, and their deep, dark secrets were exposed as we went through a hacker exercise. To the average individual, I’m sure the displays in the truck were an eye-opener. But since I’m a semi-paranoid person, these things didn’t surprise me, but provided a gentle reminder of how important security is.

Anyway, after I was finished with the truck, I grabbed my doughnuts, coffee and got a neck/shoulder massage from Susan. It was a much-needed break at the show.

As far as the Norton Mobile Security software, you can use it for your iOS or Android device, and it protects your phone or tablet and saves your contacts so they easily can be restored if lost or deleted. You can control the security of your device from a Web interface, activate a “scream” alarm or pinpoint a lost device on a map so you can quickly find it. Additionally, the Sneak Peek feature uses your built-in webcam to take a photo of anyone using your device, and Lost Notice can display a customized message to anyone who finds your device. You also can remotely lock your phone, remotely wipe it and lock your phone if the SIM card is removed.

Try Norton Mobile Security for free (limited time) at, or it’s $30 to purchase.

Click Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: Check

I didn’t really make any New Year’s resolutions, but I suppose the closest thing to it was a thought I had a few days ago that I need to get more organized with paying my bills and where my money is going. That prompted me to go on a hunt for the perfect app to help me accomplish this. I found Check (formerly known as Pageonce), and it works with iOS or Android device and is similar to Quicken or Mint. What caught my attention is that it was deemed by CNN Money as the “Cadillac of money management apps,” so I had to try it.

Unlike your bank bill-payment service, Check aggregates all your personal accounts into a single place/app, and you can use it to pay any bill, anytime, with any payment method. Getting started is straightforward, as you supply your login credentials for your financial accounts and your regular household accounts (cable, electric, phone, etc.). The app then pulls your updated balances into a dashboard that summarizes your finances and bills into an easy at-a-glance screen. You can then see your balances and transactions very easily. Check out this free app at