A Sleighful Full Of Shopping Apps

Now that Thanksgiving is over and done with, most of us are thinking about Christmas. This year I’m so behind I didn’t even start my holiday shopping yet, but I found a boatload of interesting apps that will hopefully help all of us cope with the madness!


Sometimes the best deal isn’t available when you’re ready to shop. BuyVia is the first mobile app/website to bridge in-store, online and geo-local shopping across your smartphone, tablet and computer. The app alerts you to real-time discounts on desired products and offers deals picked by professionals, bar-code scanning and price comparisons – best of all, it’s free. (iOS, Android)


This makes your consumer shopping experience efficient. TheFind’s new, free app provides a powerful shopping search that works across the Web and looks through every store to quickly find the best deal and that hard-to-find item. It integrates with your personal preferences on Face-book and lets you scan bar codes in stores to check prices – and compare them across the Web. (iOS, Android)

Amazon Price Check

This is a free comparison app pioneer and is constantly updating to let in-store shoppers know if they’ll get a better deal with Amazon. You can type, scan, snap or say a product name to instantly shop Amazon’s warehouses for millions of in-store items. (iOS, Android)


This is another free app that compares prices across stores and lets you pick your price for an item and notifies you if it drops to hit the mark. (iOS, Android)


This free app provides access to coupons from top retailers. An alert pops up in real-time when at a store or a mall to notify you of the deals. (iOS, Android)

Lemon Wallet

This free app allows you to photograph items – from receipts to frequent punch cards, to credit cards, to your medical insurance card – and store a digital copy for safety. You’ll be glad to have snapped those receipts when it’s time to return products in the mad holiday dash. (iOS, Android)

On top of that, remember to check the Twitter feeds and Facebook – the deals always pop up there, too!

Here are a few apps that are on sale for the holidays:

iOS Games

FREE: The Walking Dead Assault (Regular $3)

FREE: Mikey Shorts (Regular $1)

$7: Shadowrun Returns for iPad (Regular $10)

$7: SOULCALIBUR (Regular $15)

iOS Apps

FREE: Stitch It (Regular $3) – Combine screenshots of text conversations

FREE: Seedio (Regular $3) – Chain iOS devices together to play music in sync

FREE: Geló (Regular $1) – Photo editor

$1: PDF Reader Pro for iPad (Regular $10)

$1: Unbound HD For Dropbox (Regular $3) – Dropbox photo browser

FREE: Skylive (Regular $1) – Stargazing forecast

Android Games

$1.50: Super Soccer Champs ’13 (Regular $3)

FREE: Fortress Under Siege (Regular $1)

$1: Squids HD (Regular $2) – Tactical Angry Birds

FREE: Fruit Ninja (Regular $1)

Android Apps

$1: ProCapture Camera + Panorama (Regular $4)

$2: ezPDF Reader (Regular $4)

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