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Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Making Grammy-worthy Music
Music runs through the veins of Dave Tucciarone, music producer, engineer and owner of Seventh Wave Productions in Salt Lake. A longtime entrepreneur, this Long...

Rasa Fournier
Entrepreneurs // iMom’s On-call Assistants
Intelligent, intuitive, invisible – iMom Hawaii is an on-call personal assistant and home management service in Honolulu. According to CEO Rahul Hooda, it’s iMom Hawaii’s...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Fitness Center For Not-so-young
Synonymous with health and fitness for nearly 40 years, Punahou Fitness Center recently underwent a $500,000 renovation this past fall, and according to CEO Jason...

MidWeek Staff
Entrepreneurs // All Things Music On The West Side
It’s been said that music is food for the soul, and Westside Music is a place to create a lifetime of perfect melodies and harmonies....

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // A Collaboration Of Brands
If you’re in search of last-minute, one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts, About The Goods LLC is one answer to your urban holiday shopping needs. Business partner, store...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Message In A Bottle Starts Business
As Chris Akin explains his unusual company’s origins: “After years of surfing with friends each Sunday, I was staring at the ocean one day hoping...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // She Sells Sea Salts By The Jar
Shauna-Lei De Reis, owner of Island Sea Salts, has the perfect gifts for those who love to cook or foodies in general. To spice up...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Hawaii’s Magical Santa Shop
We all know Santa is extremely busy this time of year in the North Pole. He’s diligently creating his naughty and nice lists, and making...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Consumer to Contractor Connection
Fred Matthews, founder of PBN Connect, is connecting consumers to contractors who can perform quality work with respect to their budget. PBN Connect was conceived...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Catering Specialty Coffees
We all know some of us need that cup of Joe each morning in order to function properly, while others just simply enjoy the intriguing...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Relaxing In A Victorian Tea Room
Here’s a toast to tea parties at A Cup of Tea Restaurant & Boutique, the award-winning venture started in July 2008 by owner Darlene Pahed....

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // She Sells Seashells By The Sea
Monica Parker, owner and designer of MonicaByTheShore Sunrise Shell Jewelry Designs, is using her business to showcase the beauty of the Islands on a global...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Raising Happy, Healthy Pets
As the only pet-friendly mall in the state, it’s fitting that Ward Warehouse is home to The Pet Corner, a one-stop shop for all of...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // How To Save On Ink Cartridges
As Hawaii’s largest laser cartridge remanufacturing company, Cartridge World Honolulu is a dream come true for those who rely heavily on printers. Students, business professionals...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Got Holiday Gifts? It’s A Wrap
Hello, October! My, how time flies. Before we know it, it will officially be the holiday season, a time when shoppers flood the malls and...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Promoting Goodness With Clothes
As owner and creative director of Glorified Apparel, John Ulep is promoting acts of goodness through his clothing line, which he founded in November 2011....

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // It’s Electric For The Schenk Family
Keeping it all in the family, Kaulana Schenk, electrician and owner of K. Schenk Electric (KSE), has more than 15 years of experience in the...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // Relieving Party-Planning Stress
Events made easy is what Eve Colton In, president and owner of In Concierge Services, aims to do. Having always dreamed of owning her own...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // A Spa-cial Place For Pooches
Combining her love for man’s best friend and fashion, Cocojor Hawaii and Cocojor Emporium & Spaw owner and founder Monica Shigenaga brings doggy couture to...

Alana Folen
Entrepreneurs // New Clothing Line Promotes Aloha
VH07V isn’t some new mathematical formula. If you look closely, it’s ALOHA written upside down (kind of), and it’s also the name of a Hawaii...


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