Artistically Enhancing Your Home

Thomas Deir, owner of Thomas Deir Studios, can transform areas of your home into visual masterpieces. As an artist, he specializes in custom tile murals for kitchens, bathrooms and entryways. Deir also creates paintings and stone mosaics.

Thomas Deir

Artist Thomas Deir | Photo courtesy Thomas Deir

“Creativity has always been a driving force in my life, and I wanted the opportunity to explore various art forms and techniques,” Deir says. “Thomas Deir Studios began in 1998, and the idea of painting on tile came about from a former partner of mine, Dennis Yee, who recently passed away.”

Located in Kailua, Thomas Deir Studios predominantly produces commissioned pieces. Deir takes the time to understand his clients’ creative intuition and most importantly, their wants and needs.

“When I am invited into a home or business to design artwork, my initial consideration is, ‘What is important to the client?’ The end result of enhancing the living area or work space is an outcome of discovering what is important to the individual or business,” he explains.

Next, Deir takes the physical elements of the space into account, including the existing color scheme, dimensions and lighting, thus making sure the mural will complement these factors.

“After I collect the information, I sketch compo sitions, select the artwork color schemes and produce samples for the client to review before starting to work on the actual mural.

“Commissioned artwork is considered to be a high-end specialty product, but I do my best to offer a range of solutions to fit within the client’s budget,” Deir adds. “For instance, someone who would enjoy Hawaii art as a kitchen backsplash tile mural may not have the budget for a commissioned mural. In that case, a tile mural reproduction could be a perfect solution to enhance their kitchen wall at an affordable price. The same thing occurs with paintings on canvas.”

Deir is the sole practitioner of Thomas Deir Studios, though wife Lynn helps in the office and, according to Deir, has a keen design sense. Deir also will contract with well-qualified and experienced tile setters and contractors for certain installations.

As with any business, Deir says there are bumps along the way, but the true test is in how to overcome those challenges.

“When I first started, there were some very odd-shaped spaces that were challenging for tile installation. There also were lighting and hanging challenges for some of my larger paintings. Now, I am accustomed to irregular shapes and nuances in structures, and if I can’t figure it out, I consult with an experienced contractor or interior designer.

“The real challenge is to not be frustrated over the fact that I have so many ideas and not enough time to execute them all,” he states.

As an entrepreneur, Deir says his client-centered approach is the greatest factor that distinguishes him from other artists.

“It is wonderful to have a business that allows me to develop lifelong friendships and to continue to develop as an artist.

“As a Hawaii artist, I have a style that expresses my deep appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us,” says the Kailua High School grad. “My positive approach to life and my love for Hawaii are very evident in my artwork. Follow your passion and you will be happy.”

For more information on Thomas Deir Studios, visit or call 261-7122.