Planning Bollywood Weddings

Mira Savara caters Indian-style weddings in a Bollywood-style setting Joe Marquez of The Smoking Camera photo

Mira Savara, owner and founder of Mira Savara Events, brings the Bollywood craze to life as the mastermind behind the majority of the Islands’ Indian-style weddings.

Born and raised in India, Savara has firsthand knowledge about East Indian culture and traditions, and produces exotically exquisite weddings that most people only dream of.

“I cater to brides who want a special wedding that is memorable and filled with happiness,” she says. “While many of my brides are of East Indian origin, there are others who are not, who just want a wedding planner who can do something extraordinary.

“I started off organizing Bollywood parties to expose Hawaii to the East Indian culture. I soon found out that there was a large, pent-up demand for an Indian wedding planner who understands the cultural nuances of the different parts of India. I realized that I could provide a unique service to these brides that’s hard to come by.”

While Savara’s business is based on Oahu, she is able to perform weddings across the state and can aid in every aspect of wedding planning, from making sure that proper cultural elements are incorporated to providing decorations with East India-sourced materials, help in selecting venues and vendors, creating timelines and, of course, on-site wedding day coordination.

“I try to understand my clients’ vision and make it come true with the budget they have,” Savara adds. “There are months of planning with the bridal couple and their families to execute a well-orchestrated set of events over a few days. Everything has to come together seamlessly. Most importantly, the guests and clients should enjoy the events and take back memories to last a lifetime.”

For Savara, her business also is a way to keep the Indian culture alive. She has high standards for each wedding she produces, and she recognizes that with each wedding, the quality of her work is exceeding all expectations.

Although Savara admits that being an entrepreneur also means not having enough hours in a day, the satisfaction she gets from making her clients’ visions come true is worth the stress.

One thing she has taken to heart as she goes along on her journey is this: “Be prepared to work hard, stay lean and focused, do a great job consistently and you will succeed.”

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