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Are You A Leader? TH!NK About It

Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura and Cindy Sakai | Photo by Mapuana Reed

Through years of hard work and dedication, entrepreneurial phenoms Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura and Cindy Sakai have catapulted their business, TH!NK LLC, to a premier level of success and are in turn working closely with other Island leaders to transform employees for the better.

TH!NK came into fruition in 2004, and its collaborative style and approach with local businesses has proven to produce stronger relationships that fortify customer loyalty, increased sales revenue and enhanced flexibility to manage the ever-changing cycle and dynamics of business.

“We believe in making positive transformations to organizations one conversation at a time,” Sakai says. “People talk about work, deadlines and processes at work, but they don’t know how to tackle the people management that comes with business.”

Enter TH!NK. “We help leaders learn about the people side of business and how it impacts the bottom line. We help them understand why some people are passionate about their jobs and why others are checked out,” Kalicki-Nakamura explains. “The most important thing we do is give understanding and strategies that help leaders create an environment where people come to work because they want to, not because they have to. With our business training strategies, businesses are creating better work places with happier and highly motivated employees.”

TH!NK is based in Honolulu and Mililani, but offers its services across the state as well, catering to clients from diverse industries, including Goodwill Industries of Hawaii, Oceanic Time Warner Cable and more, customizing strategic programs that will fulfill their specific needs. The cost of individual self-assessments range from $35 to $200, while team assessments for a group of 10 start at $1,100. Workshops also are customized to fit specialized needs for participating organizations.

“TH!NK offers a diverse portfolio of services, which include strategic training and coaching in leadership, supervision, team-building, team alignment and more,” Sakai states. “We also offer helpful, fun and engaging training workshops to the public. Our next one is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 24, at Ala Moana Hotel, focusing on leadership development and building stronger relationships at work. We invite residents to come check us out!”

“What sets us apart is our ability to get people to genuinely open up and experience new concepts with hands-on work simulations and activities,” Kalicki-Nakamura adds. “After class, students apply and implement the new concepts using signature field assignments, which are specifically designed for each workshop, helping participants to start using the new skills immediately when they return to work.”

What drives these go-getter entrepreneurs is a passion for creating a support system for leaders to learn from and form relationships with others in the community.

“We want to establish a network of leaders in Hawaii who can rely on one another after the process training is complete,” Sakai says.

For more information on TH!NK, visit think-training.com or call 936-4992 or 224-6694.