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Role Models

The trio honored as Girl Scouts of Hawaii’s Women of Distinction are living examples of what Girl Scouts aim to..

Pat Saiki

As a public school teacher, Pat Saiki took notice of the lack of independence she and her colleagues had. There..

Chai Chaowasaree

Chef Chai at Pacifica has become synonymous with elegant dining. But long before Chai Chaowasaree’s namesake began to dazzle diners..

Nanette Napoleon

In college, Nanette Napoleon spent a night in Kaupo, an old and remote Hawaiian graveyard on Maui. Yes, it sounds..

Kirk Matthews

Kirk Matthews stood in front of an active lava flow, watching it slowly make its way down a street in..

Dr. Terry Shintani

While in law school, Terry Shintani was flunking and on the verge of quitting. Then a friend recommended he change..

Carol Ai May

At a young age, Carol Ai May learned from her father that nothing in life is free. As the daughter..

Billy V

When William Van Osdol was in sixth grade, he began listening to radio personalities like Kamasami Kong, Ron Jacobs and..