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Kirk Matthews

Kirk Matthews stood in front of an active lava flow, watching it slowly make its way down a street in..

Dr. Terry Shintani

While in law school, Terry Shintani was flunking and on the verge of quitting. Then a friend recommended he change..

Carol Ai May

At a young age, Carol Ai May learned from her father that nothing in life is free. As the daughter..

Billy V

When William Van Osdol was in sixth grade, he began listening to radio personalities like Kamasami Kong, Ron Jacobs and..


About three years ago, Ginai recorded a song she wrote called Endless Christmas. Thinking it would make a great title..

Aileen Deese

Elmo, Barney, Pikachu, Minions, a Snow Queen and princesses — these are only a few on a long list of..

Tom Moffatt

Much like the countless stars he has brought to Hawaii’s stages throughout the years, there’s just something about Tom Moffatt..

Emme Tomimbang

Last May, veteran broadcast journalist Emme Tomimbang shared with MidWeek readers that it was her Rottweiler Rufus (pictured) who ultimately..