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John Hirokawa

At 6 years old, John Hirokawa found himself hooked on magic. Library visits with his parents provided him with books..

Hoagy Gamble

In 1946, Hoagy Gamble was born in Hawaii. And if you ask him, he’s been eating SPAM, eggs and rice..

Siana Austin Hunt

In the past few years since Siana Austin Hunt joined Make-A-Wish Hawaii as its executive director, the nonprofit organization has..

Let The Flowers Speak

Before creating a floral work of art, ikebana practitioners first listen to the various materials. ‘you never know what is..

Eating Local

Foodland’s Eat Local Tuesdays initiative encourages customers to commit to eating local one day a week. and it’s getting Hawaii’s..

Melveen Leed

It was a Miss Hawaii pageant that made Melveen Leed realize her love for performing. Representing Molokai, she sang Moon..

Johnny Kai

The key to rebuilding Hawaii’s entertainment industry and the ability to earn a musical livelihood, Johnny Kai will argue, is..

Magical Minis

Miniature horses Makakoa and Kamalani bring comfort and smiles to those they visit, demonstrating the powerful effect horses have on..

Yasmin Dar

There was a time when Yasmin Dar imagined herself as a doctor. Science and the study of life had been..

James Young

At age 14, James Young and his family moved to Hawaii. It was then that he developed an interest in..