Women of Allure

Hula artwork is ubiquitous. Of course it is, we’re in Hawaii. So I was surprised recently when I saw a 2013 calendar with hula girl images that uniquely grabbed hold of me. The confident, feminine figure; the contrasting yet complimentary colors; the enchanting sparkle – all rooted me to the spot. Then I recalled that I’d seen this artist’s work on LeSportsac bags – Kat Reeder was commissioned for an exclusive design for the company’s Hawaii line last summer, with the latest collection, Paradise Bloom, just released in October.


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She also has a show, Internacional, coming up that will feature 10 new, one-of-a-kind Giclees of ladies flaunting an international flair.

“At the heart of my work is a love for international folklore and culture. I’ve always had a desire to depict dancers and beauties from around the world,” says Reeder, who has called Hawaii home since 2009 and has created more than 50 masterful works of lovely local ladies.

While the bulk of her commercial work lately is of hula girls, the show will display her personal works, which focus on those world beauties she loves to portray.

Her creative process involves a pencil sketch that Reeder scans into the computer and inks digitally. She sometimes hand-paints colors to get a feel for their natural textures and then blends them together digitally. The final result is a limited-edition Giclee.

The “look” of Reeder’s work comes across as inherently Hawaiian, what with the subject of much of her work. However, she credits her Latin-American heritage for her style: “Growing up I loved all kinds of movie posters, especially those from Latin-American cinema from the ’40s. In South America you see lots of earth tones complemented by vivid reds and oranges, a palette inspired by the abundance of fruits, clay artifacts, the sun and the ocean. In addition, women in Latin-American art are always given a central role. They are always powerful and alluring. This sensibility is evident as I depict women in a mystical and subtly sensual way.”

Reeder says she has been waiting to display her new works in just the right location. When the opportunity came along for a showcase at The Manifest in Chinatown, its “hip urban vibe” hit just the right spot for Reeder. Her show opens Dec. 14, with a special reception at 7 p.m.

See her work and be mesmerized!

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When: Dec. 14, 2012, through Jan. 13, 2013
Where: The Manifest Hawaii (32 N. Hotel St.)
More Info: katreeder.com