Art & Stage


Under the Surface

When Reb Beau Allen was handed the script for famed pidgin author Lee Tonouchi’s Echoes of Dat Red Guitar, it..

Pulse of the Community

Art lifts a mirror to society, and perhaps nowhere more conspicuously than through the medium of the One-Minute Play Festival...

Donuts And Laughs At Tag

Nothing says entertainment like glowing lights and a cozy space. On the outskirts of downtown’s urban wasteland, Dole Cannery boasts..

Glorious Dream Visions

A several-year drought is about to be replenished by a deluge of creativity. The brilliant costumery of IONA’s Cheryl Flaharty..

Super Heroes

There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to film festivals, and this one does more than entertain...

For The Laugh Of It

A nebulous swirl of images rushes forth anytime someone mentions their theatrical career in New York or Los Angeles. For..

Star Catcher

“Meteoric,” as in a lightspeed burst of wildly spooftacular (yes, I did just say that) freneticism. Peter and the Starcatcher..

Feng Shui: Finding Balance

Crouching tiger” and “hidden dragon” aren’t just slick Asian martial arts terms. Tiger and dragon represent the balance between yin..

Opera Gets Physical

A ghostly captain seeking redemption through true love, his female admirer, her jilted suitor, along with her money-driven dad and..

A Mixed Ride

Becky’s New Car at Manoa Valley Theatre idles a while before it gets revving, but once it’s in full throttle..