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Hawaii’s entertainment guide – TV listings, arts & stage,movies

Bigger and Better

Feeling rejuvenated after a couple of failed relationships, ex-Throwdowns member Erin Smith and her “gigantic voice” return with an album..

Under the Surface

When Reb Beau Allen was handed the script for famed pidgin author Lee Tonouchi’s Echoes of Dat Red Guitar, it..


The “acoustic soul artist” with the single name hopes to have her guests’ ears at Saturday’s Kickstarter Launch Party, a..

Pulse of the Community

Art lifts a mirror to society, and perhaps nowhere more conspicuously than through the medium of the One-Minute Play Festival...

Donuts And Laughs At Tag

Nothing says entertainment like glowing lights and a cozy space. On the outskirts of downtown’s urban wasteland, Dole Cannery boasts..

Glorious Dream Visions

A several-year drought is about to be replenished by a deluge of creativity. The brilliant costumery of IONA’s Cheryl Flaharty..

Super Heroes

There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to film festivals, and this one does more than entertain...

For The Laugh Of It

A nebulous swirl of images rushes forth anytime someone mentions their theatrical career in New York or Los Angeles. For..

Far out, Taimane

Uke virtuoso Taimane Gardner blasts off with an album that’s simply out of this world Frequent traveler Taimane Gardner is..

Star Catcher

“Meteoric,” as in a lightspeed burst of wildly spooftacular (yes, I did just say that) freneticism. Peter and the Starcatcher..

Feng Shui: Finding Balance

Crouching tiger” and “hidden dragon” aren’t just slick Asian martial arts terms. Tiger and dragon represent the balance between yin..