Positive Coaching Workshops Feature Local Gridiron Stars

There’s never enough positive coaching for kids, but workshops this month may remedy that situation.

The Boys and Girls Club Windward Clubhouse and Queen Lili’uokalani Children’s Center have partnered up to present free Positive Coaching Alliance workshops from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Nov. 14 at the clubhouse on the Kailua Intermediate School campus.


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Keoki Fraser

Dinner will be served at 6 p.m. for adults and children in grade 6 and above, followed by the following workshops:

* “The Second-Goal Parent(s), Developing Winners in Life through Sports” with Keoki Fraser, a Kailua High graduate and full-ride football player at University of Arizona. Fraser returned to Hawaii to earn his master’s in counseling psychology and is now vice principal at Mokapu Elementary. Retired Circuit Court judge Mike Town will assist him at the interactive session.

* “Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor” with Billy Pieper II, a Kamehameha Schools and UCLA graduate who played for the Kansas City Royals. Pieper currently coaches varsity basketball at Kamehameha.

“This will be a milestone for all three amazing groups,” said Judge Town. “They strive to help kids meet their full potential on and off the courts and to nurture the families and communities in which they live.”

Positive Coaching Alliance is a national nonprofit that strives to develop “Better Athletes, Better People.”

Participants must register online by Nov. 11 at windward@bgch.com or call 263-0555.