The Philosopher’s Stones



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Dynamically hilarious duo Nicole Tessier as Florence and Lisa Konove as Olive push each other’s buttons.

Lisa Konove is a force of pure attention, grabbing delight from the top of her wave-sprayed hair to the tips of her couch-jumping toes in Manoa Valley Theatre’s The Odd Couple (Female Version) (through Feb. 2, 988-6131). The counterpoint to her firecracker, messy, confident personality — her other “odd” half — is Nicole Tessier’s recently dumped, nervous neat freak. Konove as Olive has her friends over for Trivial Pursuit, but the game never gets played as they’re all too busy zinging quips back and forth, until Tessier’s suicidal Florence arrives and changes everything … for better or worse. Olive’s friends detest the new, obsessively clean housemate, but the audience loves her. Maleko McDonnell and Stu Hirayama as a pair of romantic Spanish brothers take the banter to even greater levels of hilarity in act two.