Pearl City School Celebrates Successful Read-a-thon Challenge

Editor’s Note: Ginger Kamisugi of Our Lady of Good Counsel contributed to this update on school events.

In celebration of Catholic Schools Week, Our Lady of Good Counsel in Pearl City held a Fun Day during the last week in January.


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There was plenty to do at Our Lady of Good Counsel Fun Day. Shelby C. and Sierra A. (right) operated the fishing booth as younger students fished for prizes, while

Following the theme “Dodging Ducks,” each student had the chance to toss a water balloon at the principal or the librarian. The day also offered a range of games organized by the school’s seventh- and eighth-graders.

Fun Day was designed to honor the students who completing their Read-a-Thon challenge, in which the children were required to read daily over a three-month period. They read a total of more than 9,500 books, and the top reader was second-grader Kristen H., who finished 253 books.