Pearl City School Celebrates Successful Read-a-thon Challenge

Editor’s Note: Ginger Kamisugi of Our Lady of Good Counsel contributed to this update on school events.

In celebration of Catholic Schools Week, Our Lady of Good Counsel in Pearl City held a Fun Day during the last week in January.


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Matthew V. helps a preschooler with a ball-toss game. Photos from Ginger Kamisugi.

Following the theme “Dodging Ducks,” each student had the chance to toss a water balloon at the principal or the librarian. The day also offered a range of games organized by the school’s seventh- and eighth-graders.

Fun Day was designed to honor the students who completing their Read-a-Thon challenge, in which the children were required to read daily over a three-month period. They read a total of more than 9,500 books, and the top reader was second-grader Kristen H., who finished 253 books.