Mahalo, North Shore For A Job Well Done

Rep. Gil Riviere

This is my final report as the North Shore’s representative in the Hawaii State Legislature. I am so very thankful to have had the opportunity to serve this incredible district. I gave the job everything I had and while the time went by very quickly, we got a lot done.

I could not have accomplished so much work without the stellar support of my office manager, Trina Ishii. Trina brought abundant experience and professionalism to the office every day. As one who values quality work and follow-through on commitments, I admire her calm, confident manner and dedication to thoroughly completing every task.

Whether we were organizing a disaster preparedness seminar at Sunset Beach Elementary, a volunteer work party for Waialua Kupuna Housing, an investigative tour in our district, or a meeting with Kahuku High School students, I never doubted that every detail would be properly coordinated by Trina.

As for my work in the House of Representatives, I am pleased to have played a significant role in combating legislation that would have devastated Hawaii environment law. I also was one of the leading opponents of Big Wind, a project that would place hundreds of windmills on Lanai and Molokai to send intermittent power to Oahu through a very expensive inter-island cable.

I was uniquely qualified to argue against legislation that would have changed the law regarding Supplemental EIS in such a way that we would never have won Keep the North Shore Country’s lawsuit on the Turtle Bay EIS. Likewise, I personally saved the law that requires Special Management Area Permits for coastal subdivision planning.

It was through friendships and positive relationships in the Legislature that I was able to modify a law to allow Koolauloa Health and Wellness Center to purchase its headquarters. I blocked overnight accommodations on Oahu agricultural lands, and I improved numerous other pieces of legislation as they moved forward.

On the North Shore, we were able to help constituents when requests came in to replace or upgrade road signage, relocate a bus stop to improve safety, follow up with other governmental agencies, and much more. We nearly always attended community meetings and conveniently met with residents both on the North Shore and at the Capitol.

Since losing the Primary Election in August, I have begun my transition back into “the real world.” I am spending more time with my family, surfing and playing baseball. I am also getting back into my mortgage lending career, something I gave up entirely while serving full time as a representative.

Thank you for taking an interest in my MidWeek Central Oahu Islander columns. GilRiviere.Info will remain online with commentary and area reference material, and I will continue posting comments and links on FaceBook at Representative Gil Riviere.

Until next time, mahalo and aloha!