Mililani Playwright Has One-woman Show At Mark’s Garage

Who the Bleep Am I? is a hour-long, one-woman performance, featuring rap, slam poetry, and an edgy monologue that explores the struggles, mistakes, perspectives, and truths of being a woman, mother, wife and a human being.

Written and performed by Mililani’s Marcia Zina Mager, the monologue is designed to help audiences better understanding who they are.

“I constantly grapple with the question, ‘Who am I, really?'” said Mager. “Am I defined by the roles that I play, am I defined by what I look like? By my age, by my feelings, by my thoughts?

“I think everyone asks these questions … Great spiritual teachers say these are the only questions worth asking, so I think women and men of all ages can relate to this …

With a lot of laughter along the way.”

Mager said that her storyline was inspired by her poetry, while the props flowed from her experience as a mixed-media artist.

The rap happened organically, she explained. She learned about the music from her teenage son.

“The bottom line is that it’s good entertainment, but it has a much deeper meaning and purpose.

“The show really explores an important question and issue that I think every single one of us struggles with, no matter our age or background.

I really believe that the audience walks away with something to ponder long after the show is over.”

The performance is at 9 p.m. Friday at The Arts at Mark’s Garage. Tickets cost $10 and are available online at or by phone at 528-0526.