Lost And Returned

Dear Pamela,

In today’s world, everyone is so busy. I must have dropped my magnetic shaded lenses at Marukai. I am so grateful someone picked them up and turned them into customer service. I would like to say thank you to this kind person who took time to return an item to a stranger. Mahalo and God bless!

Fumiko Kuniyoshi
Moanalua Gardens

Hi Pamela,

I want to thank the person who picked up my phone in Kuakini Hospital parking lot. I got on my hands and knees to look under my car but could not find it.

After work, I noticed a note on my front window saying, “Lost phone? Check with security at gate.” Thank God! Security had it for me.

Thank you, whoever picked up my phone. You saved my day!

Greta Chang

Aloha Pamela,

I was frantic when my cavalier King Charles spaniel slipped out of the fence in our backyard. We live on a cliff overlooking a gulch with lots of oleander plants, and we were so afraid she would munch on the leaves, as so many dogs do. We called “Ivy!” over and over again.

After about 10 minutes, there were voices from below. A group of boys was hiking and Ivy went straight up to them. They called out to us and we drove down to the entrance of the gully to pick up our naughty Ivy! I was so happy that she was safe, I forgot to ask the boys their names.

Thank you so much, young gentlemen, for retrieving our dog!

Sandie Newton

Dear Pamela,

Big mahalo to Brigithe, who found my driver’s license on Kapiolani Boulevard and mailed it back to me with a personal note. I hadn’t even realized I dropped it but was so very grateful to get it back. Her kindness should earn her major good karma.

Hope you get a raise at work, get thumbs up from your doctors and win big next time you’re in Vegas.

Kris Matsumoto Wong

Dear Pamela,

Recently, I lost my wallet. I left my name and number at several stores but didn’t hear back. About a week later a package came in the mail from my bank. In it was my wallet. The letter said a Good Samaritan had dropped it off. I want to say thank you to this person for their kindness and honesty.

Karen S. Windhorst
Salt Lake

Dear Karen, Kris, Sandie, Greta and Fumiko,

Thanks to the thoughtfulness of others, what was lost eventually returned home to you. Hopefully, what was found for all parties was a renewed faith in human goodness and the reward of doing the right thing.

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