Helping Others Find The Way Home

By Robert B. Dunham, president, Songs of the Children

“My name is Robert B. Dunham, and I’m an alcoholic.”

That was my introduction at the Alcoholic Anonymous meetings I used to attend. In addition to suffering from addiction, I also was homeless for 13 years. But today, by the grace of God, I have been sober for 17 years and dedicate much of my time to helping others who are in difficult situations.

I wrote a book about my experiences called I Love You, But …, and I freely give copies to anybody who may benefit.

I also started a nonprofit, Songs of the Children. Our mission is to help anybody who is homeless, suffering from addiction or facing any other difficulties.

Robert B. Dunham

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Robert B. Dunham

One way we help is by providing one-way plane tickets to homeless people who wish to get back to the Mainland. If folks can prove they have a job and a home to go to on the Mainland, we will try to raise money for the ticket. State Rep. John Mizuno has been instrumental in bringing public awareness to this cause.

Another way we help is by showing inspirational movies on a big screen at U.S. Vets and other shelters. I also share my testimony, and we give out free popcorn and soda.

We teamed up with another group, Help the Hawaii Homeless, last year for the second annual Christmas Eve Luau for the veterans and the homeless at Kapiolani Park.

We have been able to help 18 men, women and children start a new life.

The last person we sent to the Mainland was a veteran who had been staying at a shelter. He went back to North Carolina last month, and he said he’s doing great with his new job and new home.

Recently we received a call from a man named Hector who was offered a job and a place to live at a cannery in Alaska. We will now be trying to raise $350 for Hector to fly out.

Because this kind of outreach is so costly and we receive no government funding, we are asking the public if they would like us to come to their homes to show movies in their yards for any kind of celebration. All that we would ask for in return is a donation so that we may be able to help these folks start over again. With the blessing of your donations, together we will help many.

For more information, to donate or to schedule a movie showing, call 664-4329 or visit