Finding Help On The Road

Dear Pamela,

I had a flat tire while on the freeway, westbound near the Waimalu/Pearl City cutoff. I was calling my husband and FSP (Freeway Service Patrol) for help when “an angel” came to my window and said, “If you know where the spare tire is, I can change ’em real fast.” I told him it’s too dangerous, but he asked for the owner’s manual and, within a few minutes, my spare was on and he told me, “Drive safe!”

My son and I both tried to give him some money, but he insisted that he didn’t want to take anything. I was so touched by his kindness and, in the midst of everything, I forgot to get his name.

Sandra Romero

Dear Pamela,

We were in a car accident on Keolu Drive one afternoon. Our 3-year-old granddaughter also was in the vehicle. Two Oceanic Cable employees immediately stopped to assist and call police. We wish to extend mahalos to them.

Our granddaughter was very upset. A kind woman retrieved her treasured items from the vehicle, with the words, “These things are important.” My husband and I were injured and I was lying on the sidewalk. She carried our granddaughter until help could arrive. We very much appreciated her help.

Hopefully she sees this letter and contacts you so that we can get her contact information. I am sure she will recognize herself should she read this letter.


Aloha Pamela,

While I was driving on Kapiolani Boulevard, a helmet from a motorcyclist flew off and landed under my car and lodged itself. I entered Wiliwili Street and parked. A gentleman who witnessed everything followed me and helped to dislodge the helmet. Many blessings and my deepest appreciation.

Violet Awaya

Dear Pamela,

Late in the evening, I got off the freeway by Halawa when my car died. I called AAA and was told I had to wait 45 minutes. While I was waiting, three men stopped at different times to help. Thank you very much! Then a young woman stopped and she sent her fiancé over to help me move the car out of the way, then they both waited with me until I was safe in the tow truck. There are a lot of guardian angels out there. Thank you to all of you.

Christine Pahao

Dear Christine, Violet, M.K. and Sandra,

Your highway angels were in the right place in the right time to lend their assistance. Yet another reader suggests we take matters into our own hands.

Here’s his letter:

Hi Pamela,

I think you should ask all your readers to please, please teach your parents, children, spouses and friends how to change a tire.

Sure, there are folks who physically cannot do this, and there are situations on the road where it might be dangerous, but everyone who drives should know how to do this simple task. It’s a requirement for a driver’s license in many countries, and common sense says that we all should know how to do this simple procedure on our own car.

Bob Kinzie

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