Tom Moffatt

Lawrence Tabudlo photo

Lawrence Tabudlo photo

Much like the countless stars he has brought to Hawaii’s stages throughout the years, there’s just something about Tom Moffatt that captures an audience.

It’s a quality that recently has been affirmed by Nielsen , which rated his Saturday morning show on 107.9 Kool Gold as having the most listeners in the Honolulu area among all demographics ages 12 and older.

Stunning, when you consider that Moffatt’s show specifically features oldies music.

“It was a thrill,” he says. “I think the younger people like to hear about how some of these artists developed and how the music developed to where it is today,” he says of the younger listeners his show attracts.

His career in radio dates back to the 1950s, and the format of his current show is one that he has perfected over the decades. Features like “Uncle Tom’s Datebook” and “Uncle Tom’s Treasure Hunt,” he says, have remained popular with listeners. Plus, Moffatt says he makes it a point to answer as many phone calls and play as many requests as he is able to.

“I find it interesting, and I guess a lot of folks do, too,” he says.

Beyond his role as a radio DJ, Moffatt, who last appeared on MidWeek‘s Jan. 30, 2013, cover, has had a hand in more than one facet of Hawaii’s entertainment industry.

As a concert promoter, he has worked with nearly everyone: Elvis Presley, The Jacksons, Rod Stewart, Frankie Lyman, The Eagles, The Who, Journey, The Rolling Stones, James Taylor, The Everly Brothers, The Four Preps, The Platters, Sam Cooke, Buddy Holly and the Crickets, The Beach Boys, Elton John — the list is endless.

Some have had particular importance to Moffatt, like Bruno Mars’ sold-out, three-night performance this past summer.

Since the ’90s, Moffatt often called upon The Lovenotes to open shows. Helmed by Peter Hernandez Sr., the show also famously featured a young Mars, Peter’s son.

“He did his Little Elvis bit, little Bruno,” Moffatt recalls. “And to see him develop into what he is today is such a thrill.”

Aside from musical acts, Moffatt also has brought in shows such as Stars on Ice with Kristie Yamaguchi, ballets, and sporting events like World Championship Boxing. In fact, after Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) went into professional wrestling, it was Moffatt who brought him home for his first wrestling event.

“I look forward to bringing more in,” says Moffatt.

Others, especially those reading this, may even know Moffatt best from MidWeek. He has penned Uncle Tom’s Gabbin’ since February 2006.

Still, Moffatt admits, radio continues to be his favorite. “It’s what I’ve done most of my life,” he explains. “I enjoy the communication with people — I’m on the air and they’re calling. It’s just fun.”

Tune in to Tom Moffatt’s “Rock and Roll Drive In” Saturdays, from 8 a.m. to noon on 107.9 Kool Gold.