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Table Talk
Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Pad Thai; Mystery Mu Shu
It’s one of the mysteries of culinary life, that with the escalating cost of food and utilities, ethnic mom-and-pop shops are still able to offer...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Kaneohe’s Pho My Vi Does It Right
On a sunny late morning recently I walked into Pho My Vi expecting to be the only customer. Early in the week, after a busy...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Lunch Is A Terrace Treat At Morimoto
I was at Morimoto Waikiki one afternoon last week and was struck that it’s one of the few places in Honolulu with a harbor view...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // The Island’s Dazzling Culinary Horizon
Economists looking for hopeful news might point their predictors toward our local restaurant industry. May is the month of new restaurants, and with The Whole...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Mavro’s Pastry Chef Springs Into Action
Whether meant or not, Chef Mavro is becoming an alma mater for some pretty impressive chefs. Just a few of the “graduates” in the past...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Administrative Professionals Day Lunch
Hot on the heels of Easter brunch and just in front of Mother’s Day, there’s a growing celebration that comes as a small blessing to...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // New Chef, Same Tradition At Sansei
There’s a brand new look to Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar, and it extends far beyond the designer chairs, custom lighting and newly appointed...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Pop-ups, The Whole Ox And Future Chefs
Lots of excitement in the food world this week, with new restaurant openings, “pop-up” restaurants, a law that allows food trucks to sit undisturbed in...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Conveying New Style At Former Camellia
Just when you thought you’d seen all the latest restaurant ideas, a brand new concept has popped up in the middle of the city. DishGo...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // King Of The Steaks Rules At Wynn
At some point during an evening at SW Steakhouse, it becomes apparent that this is a dining experience quite unlike any other. Of course, at...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Ninth Island, Foodie Golf, Wine And Bees
It’s hard to miss Hawaii when you’re in Vegas. And I don’t mean it’s easy to forget the sunshine (and showers) because of the distractions...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // The Ancient Wonders Of Chocolate
Dave Elliot is standing in front of a large stainless steel pot from which emanates the unmistakable aroma of chocolate. “Would you like some?” he...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Game Day Snack Anxiety Hits Home
It’s opening week of Little League Baseball and, for most parents, that means spring and summer days spent at the ballpark encouraging their youngsters to...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // An Old Friend At Ward Warehouse
Nobody can deny that Honolulu is a city that loves a new kid on the block. Any restaurant that opens, regardless of cuisine or culture,...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // A Must-see Film For Hawaii Foodies
If you’ve given any thought at all to the issue of sustainability and to how terrifyingly dependant we are on imported food, Bob Bates’ beautifully...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Fish Doesn’t Get Any Fresher Than This
It’s a culinary fairy tale of sorts, a “build it and they will come” restaurant story, and a testament to hard work and vision. And,...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // A Royal Celebration, Starbucks Stars
The 85th birthday celebrations at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel reminded me that there can be great grace and splendor in aging. Surely one of the...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Really Good Eats On South Street
I have a fondness for sandwich bars. An affiliation with their owners and an understanding of the early morning wakeup calls and the often rigorous...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Deep-fried Mac And Cheese? Oh, Yes
I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone decided to try dipping macaroni and cheese in the deep-fryer. Appropriately enough, it’s Macaroni...


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